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Tchaikovsky Concert Hall

SCHEDULE for Tchaikovsky Concert Hall 2022

On wealth of history and degree of significance for the Russian culture MGAF, perhaps, there are no equal. Beginning from 1921, the philharmonic society, based on the initiative Of a. Lunacharskiy, became the main concert organization of the country. With the phenomenal productivity it fulfilled kul‘turtregerskuyu function, giving the possibility to musicians to create for the public, and to music lovers - to attend the concerts of the deserving. Even before the war philharmonic society presented to the country whole pleiad of the bright musicians, among them - Otto Klemperer, Herman abendrot, Artur Rubenstein, Yasha Heifetz, Marian Anderson, Darius miyo, Artur Honegger, bel Bartok, David oystrakh, Emil gilel‘s, Svyatoslav knushevitskiy, Yakov Flier, Mikhail fikhtengol‘ts et al. Philharmonic society came out as the initiator of All-Union competitions - performing musicians and conductors. In 1940 the hall im. p. I was opened. Tschaikovsky.
The second-half of century became gold time for the Moscow philharmonic society. It organizes Leopold stokovskiy‘s tours, the jacket of Mazurian, Leonard Bernstein, Igor stravinskiy, Herbert von karayan. New names be born in the country: Nikolai Petrov, Vladimir kraynev, Victor tret‘yakov, Victoria postnikova, Vladimir spivakov, Oleg Kagan et al. Having with fortitude withstood into the heavy for the culture 90th, philharmonic society is today the most significant concert organization of Russia. Proof to that - numerous tours, competitions, festivals, the saturated program of daily concerts in the best halls of Moscow. The eighty-year-old history of Moscow philharmonic society rightfully can be named the chronicle of the domestic performer skill, which became the integral part of the world cultural heritage. Organized in 1921 on the initiative of the druggie Of a. Lunacharskiy‘s education, philharmonic society became the unprecedented example to successful concert organization in the country, only for several years thus far of that appearing on the map of the Worlds; throughout the Soviet period of domestic history it preserved for itself the leading position, representing in THE USSR and beyond its limits of the most important Soviet musicians; is exceptionally great its role, also, in the newest history of the Russian skill, entering the world cultural space. The highest level of the first philharmonic actions was declared from the first years of existence MGAF: the artistic soviet to philharmonic societies, rukovodimyy by Nikolai myaskovskiy, in 1920- e years introduces in Moscow the most important musicians of the peace: conductors Otto Klemperer, Herman abendrot, Eric klyayber, Ernest anserme. The following decade will be marked for the philharmonic society by the theatrical appearances of Artur Rubenstein, Yefrem tsimbalist, Yashi of Heifetz, Marian Anderson. Philharmonic society acquaints listeners with the newest music of the most important European authors - author‘s concerts in Moscow give to Darius miyo, Artur Honegger bel Bartok.
In 1923 the philharmonic society represents the association, to which it will subsequently judged find world reknown - the quartet im. Beethoven. After five years, in 1928, in the performer composition of philharmonic society appears the symphonic orchestra of philharmonic society ("Sofila"), in chapter of which become the outstanding Soviet conductors Nikolai Golovanov and Aleksandr Orlov. One additional landmark in the history of young concert organization it designates 1932, when the soloist of philharmonic society becomes David oystrakh.
In 1930- e years on the initiative of Moscow philharmonic society are conducted two All-Union competitions of performing musicians. In the number of laureates fall the young stars of Soviet Russia - Emil gilel‘s, Svyatoslav knushevitskiy, Yakov Flier, David oystrakh, faith dulova. In 1936 with the philharmonic society is created the state symphonic orchestra OF THE USSR, by artistic leader and chief conductor of which becomes Aleksandr gauk. In the following, 1937, the performer composition of philharmonic society considerably is enlarged - in it appear more 80- and soloists, among them - singer Nina dorliak, Debora Pantofel‘-Nechetskaya, pianists Mary Greenberg, Yakov Fliyer, Yuri bryushkov, violinists Miron polyakin and Mikhail fikhtengol‘ts. One additional initsiirovannyy by philharmonic society forum - at this time the first All-Union competition of conductors - becomes the most important reaching for the pleiad of the conductors of new generation - title by laureate obtains Yevgeny Mravinskiy, Nathan rakhlin, Constantine Ivanov, Cyril kondrashin, Aleksandr melik-Pashayev.
It is less than in yr prior to the beginning of war, on 12 October, 1940, solemnly is opened concert hall, to which the name p. I was appropriated. Tschaikovsky which will from now on become "face" of Moscow philharmonic society and witness of the triumphs of its many artists.
In the years of war the philharmonic society did not cease active concert activity. Clear proof to that - patron concerts for the draftees, that was being carried out in all regions of Moscow beginning from 23 June, 1941, two days after the beginning of war. In the first 10 days of war were only given more than thousand (!) concerts. Per year of the end of war the philharmonic society carries out several most important concerts among which - the cycle of all symphonic works of Rakhmaninoff, the first performance "odes to the end of the war" of Prokofiev under control of Samuel of mob-law. The All-Union competition of performing musicians advances the cohort of young musicians, whose names now do not need idea - this Svyatoslav Richter, Mistislav rostropovich, Victor merzhanov, Julian sitkovetskiy.
Postwar years for the philharmonic society are noted by intensive concert activity. The state quartet im. Borodin for the first time is mentioned on the philharmonic posters, appear the names of violinist and composer George by Enescu and Kodaly‘s Zoltana; to the 75- anniversary from the birthday of Rakhmaninoff (1948) under Aleksandr gauk‘s administration for the first time in Moscow sounded the first symphony of Rakhmaninoff restored by conductor. In the beginning of the 50th is annual with the All-Union radio-committee it is created symphonic orchestra, since 1953 which became the orchestra of Moscow philharmonic society (artistic leader - Samuel mob-law).
Significant for the Moscow philharmonic society it becomes 1956. Well-known viola player and conductor Rudolf barshay appears as the initiator of the creation THE USSR‘S first chamber association, which will subsequently be called Moscow chamber orchestra. In the same year in Moscow come out the most important symphonic orchestras of peace the London philharmonic (conductor adrian Boult), Leipzig orchestra Gewandhaus (conductor Felix konvichnyy), Filadel‘fiyskiy orchestra (conductor Eugene ormandi) and Bostonskiy symphonic orchestra (conductor Charles myunsh).
In these years Moscow philharmonic society continues to connect in series in its programs the new compositions of Soviet composers - seventh symphony of Prokofiev (1952), the eleventh symphony of Shostakovic (1957), the "pathetic oratorio" of Sviridov (1959). In 1958 the philharmonic society comes out as one of the organizers of the first international competition im. Tschaikovsky. Continue the tours of well-known foreign musicians - the conductors Leopold stokovskiy, the jacket of Mazurian, Eugene ormandi, Leonard Bernstein, Andre klyuitens, Igor markevich, violoncellist Pablo Of kazal‘sa, pianist Glenn Gould.
In 1960 new page in the biography of the symphonic orchestra of Moscow philharmonic society begins - in the chapter of the association becomes Cyril kondrashin, under management of whom orchestra rapidly acquires international authority and glory of one of the leading Soviet associations. To the beginning of the 60th be necessary the memorable tours of Igor stravinskiy, the concerts of the orchestra of Viennese philharmonic society under control of Herbert von karayan, chorus and chamber orchestra under control for Robert sho. In 1963 the philharmonic society organizes its own festival of skills "Russian winter", and after yr for the first time is carried out another festival - "Moscow stars".
The middle of the 60th it is annual - the time of the bloom of Moscow concert life. Is created the country‘s first ensemble of ancient music "madrigal" under control of composer and klavesinista of Andrey volkonskiy. By artistic leader and the chief conductor of the state symphonic orchestra OF THE USSR assigned Yevgeny Svetlanov. The symphonic orchestra of Moscow philharmonic society for the first time performs on tour in THE USA, and to THE USSR with the reciprocal visit arrives Cleveland symphonic orchestra under George‘s administration Sella and Dzhul‘yardskiy quartet. The circle of the young soloists of philharmonic society is enlarged - in 1966 at the philharmonic posters appear the names of Nikolai Petrov and Vladimir kraynev, after four years to them are added the names of Victor tret‘yakov, Victoria Postnikova, Vladimir spivakov, Oleg Kagan.
In the 70th - the 80th years Moscow philharmonic society regularly represents in Moscow and other cities of the most important musicians of peace and the leading symphonic associations. Thus, within the framework of the "days of English music in Moscow" are passed the appearances of London symphonic orchestra under control of Benjamin Britten and soloists - Pieter Pierce, John lilla, Svyatoslav Richter, Mistislav rostropovicha. In 1973 in Moscow gives concert the symphonic orchestra of San Francisco under control sage Of ozavy. In 1977 in Moscow makes a debut Dietrich Fisher -Diskau, who appears in the ensemble with Svyatoslav Richter. In 1980 the soloists and the associations of Moscow philharmonic society participate in the cultural program KHKH of the summer Olympic Games in Moscow. Memorable events of those years - author‘s evening of Polish composer Vitold lyutoslavskiy, appearance in the composition of the philharmonic society of the new associations ("the academy of ancient music", "concertino"), legendary concert in the large hall of the conservatory of Vladimir Horowitz, tour of New York philharmonic orchestra under the administration Of zubina Of mety.
New epoch in the Russian history (the 90‘s) opens for the Moscow philharmonic society the new frontiers. Probably, in the most difficult for the Russian culture period - in the beginning of the 90th it is annual - the philharmonic society successfully carries out the tours of Chicago symphonic orchestra under control of Georg sholti, Israeli philharmonic orchestra Zubinom meta and Itskhakom Perl‘manom. Diverse festivals ("Russian orthodox music", the festival, dedicated to the 50- anniversary of the formation of the state quartet im. Borodin, Festival‘, dedicated To v. tret‘yakov‘s 50- anniversary, a series of concerts to the 850- anniversary of Moscow) are also the characteristic feature of this decade. The newest history of Moscow philharmonic society is also rich in events and names. It remains one of the concert organizations largest in the world, in active membership of which it is more than 4000 yearly concerts in the capital, in the regions of Russia and abroad.
Remaining true to its best traditions, philharmonic society is enriched in the new principles of concert operation, necessary for valuable existence in the cultural space of Moscow and Russia and - it is wider - entire peace.
Season 2004-2005 - bright to volume the confirmation: with the philharmonic society collaborate practically all leading symphonic associations the associations of the capital, it presents the personal subscriptions of many outstanding Russian musicians. The list of the invited executors - in their number of jackets Mazurian, Valerie gergiyev, Elizabeth leonskaya, Leyf To ove Of andsnes - would compose the honor of any concert organization of peace. Possessing the moshchneyshimi creative resources and the richest experience, philharmonic society is as before center and basis of Moscow musical life, signifying the continuous connection of its past and present.

Concert hall the name of the Tschaikovsky hall plan

Dress Code for Concert hall the name of the Tschaikovsky

There is no strict dress code for the Concert hall the name of the Tschaikovsky. Casual dress is accepted, for example you can wear jeans if you want. The only dress that are not allowed are shorts and T-shirts.

Address: Triumfalnay square, 4/31 , see map

SCHEDULE for Tchaikovsky Concert Hall 2022

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