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27 July 2022 (Wed), 19:00 World famous Bolshoi Ballet and Opera theatre (established 1776) - Marvellous Main (Historic) Stage - The Hvorostovsky Krasnoyarsk State Opera and Ballet Theatre Opera Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart "Don Giovanni, ossia Il dissoluto punito" Opera in two acts

Running time: 2 hours 40 minutes (till 21:40)

Schedule for Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart "Don Giovanni, ossia Il dissoluto punito" Opera in two acts 2022

Composer: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Music Director: Peter Feranec
Artistic Director: Anton Levakhin
Stage Director: Michael Sturminger
Choir: The Hvorostovsky Krasnoyarsk State Opera and Ballet Theatre Choir
Orchestra: The Hvorostovsky Krasnoyarsk State Opera and Ballet Theatre Orchestra

Opera in 2 acts

Dmitry Hvorostovsky Festival, Hvorostovsky Foundation and Hvorostovsky Krasnoyarsk State Opera and Ballet Theatre coproduction.

The legend of the seductive and cynical pleasure hunter has been wandering around Western Europe for many years. In 1630, the great playwright of the golden age of Spanish literature, Tirso de Molina (aka Gabriel Telles, a monk and doctor of theology) "documented" her in the play "The Mischievous Man of Seville, or the Stone Guest". In it, Tirso de Molina developed all the main plot lines known to today's audience. Vidmantas Siliunas, a specialist in Spanish theater of the XVI–XVII centuries, noted: "Don Juan's theatrical role is ambiguous – he is similar to the "hero-lover" of high comedy and to the hero of farces, called in Spain "golden age" interludes and performed in the intermissions of dramatic works... The scenic character... grotesquely strange, or, as the Spaniards of the XVII century said, monstrous. Don Juan is not only a nobleman-a rogue, an aristocrat-a rascal, he is a theatrical monster – a mixture of "first lover" and buffoon."

The libretto, created by Lorenzo Da Ponte for Mozart, is a kind of crucible furnace, in which elements, characters, storylines from different fantasies on a given topic are combined – so, the motive of revenge arose from Moliere ("Don Juan, or the Stone Feast"), and from Goldoni ("Don Giovanni Tenorio, or the Libertine") the ideas of the Enlightenment era are taken, leveling the wrath of God to a random combination of circumstances. Giuseppe Gazzanigi's opera "Don Giovanni, or the Stone Guest" to a libretto by Giovanni Bertati also played an important role. It is not known for certain whether Mozart knew this score, but Da Ponte knew Bertati's text, followed it and even borrowed a spectacular beginning – a scene in the house of Donna Anna*.

The opera was released in 1787 on the stage of the Estate Theater in Prague. The people of Prague welcomed Mozart's new work quite furiously, but the subsequent production in Vienna did not have such an enthusiastic response – Emperor Joseph II noticed that "Don Juan" was "too tough" for his crowns. History has shown that the emperor was wrong. "Don Juan" opened the modern building of the Vienna State Opera (1869), it was also presented in the first season of the theater building restored after World War II (1955).

Age limit 16+

Act I 
Leporello is waiting outside the Commendatore’s house for his master, Don Giovanni, who has slipped clandestinely into the bedroom of the Commendatore’s daughter, Donna Anna. Don Giovanni suddenly rushes out of the house, pursued by Donna Anna, who wants to know, no matter what, who her unexpected night-time visitor was. She unsuccessfully tries to tear off Don Giovanni’s mask. The Commendatore appears, having been woken up by the commotion, and challenges the uninvited guest to a duel. At first unwilling to accept the challenge, Don Giovanni all the same kills him and then escapes together with Leporello; Donna Anna and Don Ottavio, her fiancé who has appeared in time to help her, swear to take revenge on the unknown murderer. 
Don Giovanni is daydreaming about further amorous adventures. In the faint light of dawn a beautiful stranger attracts his attention. As he approaches her he recognises Donna Elvira, his former love, whom he abandoned three days after their wedding. In an attempt to escape her tedious reproaches, he leaves Donna Elvira in the care of Leporello, who readily relates to her a list of his master’s amorous conquests. 
Peasants are celebrating the wedding of Zerlina and Masetto. Zerlina immediately catches Don Giovanni’s eye. In an attempt to get her on her own, he orders Leporello to take all of those present to his castle. Zerlina’s bridegroom tries to resist but is forced to give in to Don Giovanni’s threats. Don Giovanni distracts Zerlina with tender words and promises. However, at the most inopportune moment, Donna Elvira appears, followed by Donna Anna and Don Ottavio. Don Giovanni declares Donna Elvira to be insane. Alone with Don Ottavio, Donna 
Anna confesses that she recognised her seducer of the night in Don Giovanni. She appeals to her fiancé to seek revenge. 
Leporello reports to Don Giovanni how he has dispatched everyone to the feast at the castle and how he managed to get rid of Donna Elvira. Zerlina tries to calm the furious Masetto. Don Giovanni finds he is unable to be alone with Zerlina and is thus forced to join in the festivities with the bride and groom. Donna Anna, Donna Elvira and Don Ottavio appear, their faces hidden by masks. On the orders of his master, Leporello invites the masked visitors to join in the feast, during which there are to be no social distinctions between those present. Don Giovanni invokes everyone to act with utter freedom. The appeal is readily taken up but each person interprets freedom in his own way. In the chaos of the ensuing celebratory tumult Don Giovanni draws Zerlina away from the hall. The party is suddenly interrupted by Zerlina’s screams for help. Don Giovanni, annoyed, blames his servant for what has happened. Don Ottavio, Donna Anna and Donna Elvira remove their masks and accuse the real villain. Don Giovanni is forced to flee.

Act II 
Leporello wants to leave Don Giovanni´s service. However, the money which Don Giovanni offers him persuades him to change his mind. Even in moments of peril, the untiring libertine remains true to his ways. He thinks up the idea of seducing Donna Elvira´s maid. But in order to get to her, he has to distract her mistress, and so Don Giovanni and Leporello swap clothes. Donna Elvira takes Leporello for Don Giovanni. Not realising she is speaking to the servant and not the master, Donna Elvira forgives Don Giovanni for the hurt he has caused her. Don Giovanni meets some peasants who are looking for Zerlina´s seducer on Masetto´s command. Disguised as Leporello, he sends them off on a false trail. Left alone with Masetto, Don Giovanni cruelly beats up the simpleton and steals away. Zerlina arrives and tends to her bridegroom´s wounds and comforts him. 
Leporello in vain tries to get away from Donna Elvira. Finding himself in a difficult situation, surrounded by pursuers who believe him to be Don Giovanni, he is forced into revealing his face. Donna Elvira is mortified to the bottom of her soul. Taking advantage of the general confusion, Leporello disappears. Don Ottavio is determined to hand over the Commendatore´s murderer for trial. 
Donna Elvira, inextricably caught up in the fate of her unfaithful lover, begins to lose her reason. 
Don Giovanni and Leporello, hiding from their pursuers, find themselves in the graveyard as night falls. Their discussion is unexpectedly interrupted by ominous comments from the statue of the Commendatore. Don Giovanni makes his servant invite the statue to dinner. Donna Anna finds a way of evading Don Ottavio´s advances. There is no longer any place for men in her heart. 
At midnight, Don Giovanni has dinner served, and the Commendatore has been invited. Donna Elvira tries, for the last time, to appeal to Don Giovanni to lead a righteous life. However, he remains intransigent to the end. He fearlessly holds out his hand to the statue of the Commendatore, before which Leporello experiences insurmountable dread. Impenitent, Don Giovanni crashes down to Hell. 
Donna Anna, Donna Elvira, Don Ottavio, Zerlina and Masetto arrive to deliver Don Giovanni for trial. Leporello announces the news that his master has plunged down to the underworld. Wishing to create a sensation, he describes in detail what he has not even seen because he was too scared to watch.

Schedule for Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart "Don Giovanni, ossia Il dissoluto punito" Opera in two acts 2022

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