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02 October 2017 (Mon), 19:00 Tchaikovsky Concert Hall - Stars of the Stars  Opera Dargomyzhsky "Rusalka". Performed by Russian National Orchestra. Conductor ľ Mikhail Pletnyov

Schedule for Dargomyzhsky "Rusalka". Performed by Russian National Orchestra. Conductor ľ Mikhail Pletnyov 2018

Orchestra: The Russian National Orchestra
Conductor: Maestro Mikhail Pletnev

Composer: Alexander Dargomyzhsky

Opera in concert in 4 acts

Performed in Russian

Act Iá
A mill on theábanks of theáRiver Dnieper.á
Natasha, theáMillerĺs daughter, is waiting for theáPrince she loves so passionately. Somewhat rude and mercenary, theáMiller instructs his daughter how toábehave with her beloved: he wants toásee some profit from the Princeĺs favour. Soon theáPrince himself appears, having come toáspeak with Natasha. Natasha is delighted at theáPrinceĺs arrival. TheáMiller calls theápeasants toácomfort theáPrince with singing and dancing, though theálatter remains unaffected. TheáPrince tells Natasha that they are soon toábe parted. Natasha guesses that theáPrince is planning toámarry someone else.á
The Prince tries toábuy his way out with extravagant presents and gives Natasha a necklace. Theáshattered Natasha informs theáPrince that she is soon toábecome a mother. Promising not toáabandon her and theáchild, theáPrince departs. Natasha scolds her father bitterly for being driven by greed and forcing her into this situation. In despair she plunges herself into theáDnieper.

Act IIá
A luxurious mansion.á
TheáPrince is celebrating his marriage amid great pomp and merriment. An ancient wedding ritual is underway. Suddenly a sad song can be heard about an abandoned girl who drowned herself. Theáguilty party was never unmasked. When theáPrince attempts toákiss his young bride a womanĺs scream can be heard. Theábanquet guests are left inádisarray.

Act IIIá
Scene 1á
The Princeĺs palace.á
TheáPrincess is sad ináher loneliness. Theádays when theáPrince loved her have long since passed. Now she is increasingly left alone. Olga, theáPrincessĺ friend, tries toádistract her with a merry song. Having learned that theáPrince plans toáspend theánight alone on theábanks of theáDnieper, Olga and theáPrincess set out toálook for him.á
Scene 2á
Night, theábanks of theáDnieper.á
Twelve years have passed since theáPrince last visited Natasha. Theámill on theábanks of theáDnieper have long been ináruins, but theáPrince is still drawn here by some unseen force. TheáPrinceĺs appearance frightens theámermaids who have come toátheásurface toáplay ináthe moonlight. TheáPrince sadly recalls his former happiness.á
Suddenly a shabby old man inárags appears before him. It is theáMiller, now insane and imagining himself toábe a raven and theáguardian of this place. He attacks theáPrince. Hunters rush ináand save their master.

Act IVá
Scene 1á
The underwater palace of theámermaids on theábed of theáDnieper.á
Natasha has become queen of theámermaids. She sends them toátheásurface toáplay ináthe moonlight with her daughter Rusalochka with theáorder toámeet her father on theáshore and tell him that Natasha still loves him and is waiting for him. Left alone, she dreams of love and revenge on her rival inálove.á
Scene 2á
The shore of theáDnieper.á
TheáPrince has come once more toátheáruins of theámill.á
Rusalochka approaches him from theáwaters and calls on him toáfollow her. TheáPrincess hastens inátogether with Olga and tries toástop her husband, but theáMiller pushes him into theáwater. Theámermaids take theábody of theáPrince toátheir queen.

Schedule for Dargomyzhsky "Rusalka". Performed by Russian National Orchestra. Conductor ľ Mikhail Pletnyov 2018

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