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02 August 2019 (Fri), 19:00 World famous Bolshoi Ballet and Opera theatre (established 1776) - Marvellous Main (Historic) Stage - Tours of Novosibirsk Opera and Ballet Theatre Classical Ballet Peter Tchaikovsky "The Sleeping Beauty" (Ballet in two acts)

Running time: 2 hours 45 minutes (till 21:50)

The performance has 2 intermissions

Schedule for Peter Tchaikovsky "The Sleeping Beauty" (Ballet in two acts) 2020

Conductor: Alexei Bogorad
Dancer: Ernest Latypov
Dancer: Ekaterina Borchenko

Composer: Peter Tchaikovsky
Choreography: Yuri Grigorovich
Choreography: Marius Petipa
Music Director: Vassily Sinaisky
Costume Designer: Franca Squarciapino
Scenography: Ezio Frigerio

Classical Ballet in 3 acts

Premiere of this production: 18 November 2011, Bolshoi theatre, Moscow, Russia

Pyotr Tchaikovsky's legendary ballet extravaganza "Sleeping Beauty"- colorful, large-scale musical and choreographic symphony of Marius Petipa edited by Yuri Grigorovich (2011)

Libretto by Ivan Vsevolozhsky and Marius Petipa based on the fairy tales by Charles Perrault.

A resplendent fairytale ballet performed by the Bolshoi, The Sleeping Beauty features scores of magical characters including fairies, the Little Red Riding Hood, Puss in Boots, and a beautiful young Princess Aurora.
This is classical ballet at its finest.



It’s Princess Aurora’s christening. Members of the royal household are waiting for the King Florestan and the Queen. Master of Ceremonies Catalabutte is checking the invitation list. The celebration begins. Aurora’s godmother the Lilac Fairy appears surrounded by her retinue. Good Fairies congratulate the girl of the day.

Frightened servants discuss the arrival of another guest, the evil Carabosse Fairy, who hasn’t received her invitation due to Catalabutte’s negligence. King and Queen look disturbed, foreboding trouble. Carabosse Fairy appears. How can she be forgotten? To requite the wrongs she announces that Aurora will become the most beautiful and smart princess of all, but she will prick at a knitting needle and fall into eternal sleep.

Lilac Fairy softens the sentence of an evil Fairy. She predicts that Aurora will fall into sleep, but not forever – on one day a prince charmed by her beauty will wake her from everlasting sleep.


Act I

Princess Aurora is sixteen years old. This festive occasion gathers noble guests and suitors.

Aurora appears. Suitors are being introduced to her. The Princess is nice to everyone, ready to dance with each of them, but no one captures her preference. Suddenly, Aurora sees an old lady among the guests; she’s holding a strange item in her hands, which draws her attention. Intrigued, the Princess takes the needle and starts dancing with it. Once she pricks a finger, Aurora faints and falls.

The guests are petrified to recognize the evil Carabosse Fairy. She exults in her victory.

Lilac Fairy, Aurora’s protector soothes her parents. Princess Aurora will not die. She will only drag the whole kingdom into an everlasting sleep. As the century goes by the Princess will wake up and the evil curse will fall.


Act II

A hundred years have passed. Prince Désiré is hunting in the forest with his friends and posse. The hunters and courtesans spend their time playing and entertaining. Once Prince Désiré is left alone, the Lilac Fairy appears before him. She tells him about Aurora. He is craving to see her. Prince Désiré and the Lilac Fairy are floating through the silent forest to the palace, wrapped up in slumber.

Carabosse Fairy and her servants reside in a park overrun with weeds. All of a sudden they hear the sound of the approaching Lilac Fairy.

Carabosse has no power over her.

Désiré finds the Princess and brings her back with a kiss.



It’s the wedding of Princess Aurora and Prince Désiré at King Florestan’s palace. Guests from far and wide arrive to congratulate the lovebirds. The guests include characters from other tales – fairies and princes. The bride couple is dancing. The fairy-tale ends up with the triumph of good over evil, just like the Lilac Fairy predicted.


In the palace of King Florestan XIV the wedding of his daughter, Princess Aurora, is being celebrated. Master of Ceremonies Catalabutte is checking the invitation list. The Lilac Fairy and Good Fairies appear among the courtiers and the guests coming to congratulate the Princess. They bring the newborn infant gifts, endowing her with the finest human attributes. Suddenly, a great noise is heard. The evil and powerful Carabosse Fairy drives into the ballroom with her repulsive suite. They forgot to invite her to the wedding. An irate Carabosse predicts that Aurora will die young from pricking her finger with a knitting spindle. But the Lilac Fairy intervenes: she predicts that the forces of good will neutralize the sinister spell. With a peremptory gesture, she forces Carabosse to leave the palace.

Act I
It is Princess Aurora’s sixteenth birthday. Four foreign princes have come to ask for her hand. At the height of the festivities, an old woman with a knitting spindle appears at the Princess’s side. Trustful Aurora takes it and continues to dance. Suddenly, she stops dancing and looks with horror at her finger which she has accidentally pricked with the spindle. Overcome by deadly cold, Aurora falls to the ground. The unknown old woman throws off her hood — it is the Carabosse Fairy! Her curse has come to pass. Whirling around maliciously, she disappears with a cackle. But the Lilac Fairy appears on the scene — she has the power to mitigate the evil spell. Aurora is not dead — she has fallen asleep. She will be brought back to life by the passionate kiss of a handsome Prince. The Lilac Fairy plunges the whole kingdom into a deep sleep.

Act II
Scene 1
Surrounded by grandees, Prince Desire is whiling away the time in the royal park. He is overcome by melancholy. And, as if in answer to his call, the Lilac Fairy appears before him. She summons up a vision of Aurora, surrounded by divine beings — the Nereids. The enchanted Prince hurries after the beautiful image but, at the wave of the Lilac Fairy’s wand, it vanishes. Dйsirй implores the Lilac Fairy to search for the beautiful maiden. And the Lilac Fairy invites the Prince to sail in her magic craft to the bewitched castle.

Scene 2
Gloom and desolation reign in the sleeping kingdom. It is guarded by the evil Carabosse Fairy. The Lilac Fairy and Prince Dйsirй rapidly approach the castle. The wicked old woman and her suite try to conceal Aurora but, in vain — the Prince catches sight of the sleeping beauty. Completely won over by her charm, the Prince tenderly kisses the Princess — and the evil spell is broken! Carabosse and her suite vanish. Aurora wakes up and the royal kingdom comes to life too. As soon as the Princess sets eyes on her deliverer, love is born in her heart. Dйsirй asks the King and Queen for their daughter’s hand in marriage.

Fairy-tale characters have come to Aurora and Desire’s wedding: Princess Florine and Blue Bird, The White Cat and Puss in Boots, Little Red Riding Hood and The Gray Wolf, Cinderella and Prince Fortunй. The Prince and Princess dance in a harmonious and solemn duet. The Lilac Fairy and her suite bless the happy couple.

Schedule for Peter Tchaikovsky "The Sleeping Beauty" (Ballet in two acts) 2020

"Sleeping Beauty" ballet by Bolshoi Ballet at the Main Stage of the Bolshoi Theatre
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