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The Stars of the Classical Russian Ballet in the Summer Ballet Festival

Summer Ballet Festival. Moscow, Russia

Natalia Sats Theatre. Summer Ballet Festival. Moscow, Russia
Natalia Sats Theatre

Natalia Sats theatre is unique. It is characterized by classical architecture of the building that is combined with super modern stage equipment and comfortable auditorium.

"Summer Ballet Festival" - unique mega-project in Russia dedicated to popularize classical ballet which is property of national culture. To this day Russian classical ballet‘s lovers try to solve secret of popularity of this magic art phenomenon. There is paradox, at the present day a high level of ballet remains constancy, despite of all economic and political turns.

Four world-known ballet groups will take part in “Summer Ballet Festival” this year.

National artists of Russia Natalia Kasatkina and Vladimir Vasilev have been leading the “Classical Ballet” for more that 30 years. They make a very talented duet, since both of them used to be the Bolshoi Theatre stars. They have managed to create their own, unique troupe style. Innovations, search for unusual choreographic forms and dancing techniques, rich repertoire has made “Classical Ballet” on of the most well-known ballet groups of the world. Sleeping Beauty. Summer Ballet Festival. Moscow, Russia. Click to enlarge.

The "Russian State Ballet” theatre over 20 years remains one of the leading Russian ballet companies. The repertoire includes masterpieces of the world ballet classical repertoire and the best samples of modern choreography. The primary task of the "Russian State Ballet” is to preserve the heritage of the Russian and West-European choreography alongside with the seek for the newer forms of dancing.Under the "Bolshoi" star-soloist and choreographer Viatcheslav Gordeev’s leadership the "Russian State Ballet" was shaped into the high degree of artistic expression, gracefulness and body control we can enjoy today.

The «Russian National Ballet», under the direction of Sergey and Elena Radchenko, the first independent Russian ballet company that gained world-wide popularity in a short period - was founded by two legendary stars of the Bolshoy theatre – Sergey Radchenko and Maris Liepa. Later on the company was renamed to be the “Russian National Ballet”. Today the coryphaeus of the ballet art heads a company of his own that numbers more than 70 high-class dancers. They perform the classical ballet, whose traditions date back to the 19th century. The repertoire of the company is represented by all the most renowned ballet masterpieces and a wide range of Russian and world classics.

Swan Lake. Summer Ballet Festival. Moscow, Russia. Click to enlarge. The name of Gediminas Taranda is closely connected with the name of Maya Plisetskaya. It was her initiative to create in 1994 the “Imperial Russian Ballet”. Gediminas has become a successor of the great ballet dancer’s creativity, and a holder of personality in ballet. The “Imperial Russian Ballet” is now one of the most successful and relevant ballet groups in Moscow. It is characterized by high troupe skill that works as a unit. Not only Russian stars, such as Vladimir Malakhov, Nikolai Tsiskaridze, Elena Andrienko work with the “Imperial Russian Ballet”. Leading artists from the best European and American theatres also cooperate with it.

The Novaya Opera orchestra, a versatile team of 110 brilliant musicians, is a full-fledged participant in the theatre‘s operatic performances. In addition to playing for the Novaya Opera, the Orchestra appears frequently on the concert platform, performing symphony programmes in the best concert halls of Russia, such as the Grand Hall of the Moscow Conservatory, the Tchaikovsky Concert Hall, the St.Petersburg Philharmonic, to mention a few. Its symphony repertoire is large and diversified, comprising symphonies and symphonic compositions by Tchaikovsky, Shostakovich, Rakhmaninov, Beethoven, Mozart, Stravinsky, Hindemith, Honegger, Chopin etc.

The Festival views its mission as to attract modern audience to the high art of the classical Russian ballet which by all right is considered to be the great achievement of the Russian and world culture. The Russian classical ballet lovers still marvel the enigma of theof the irresistible magic effect of this art phenomenon. No matter what economical political changes rule our lives, the high level of the Russian ballet will never fail.

The Nutcracker. Summer Ballet Festival. Moscow, Russia. Click to enlarge. Giselle. Summer Ballet Festival. Moscow, Russia. Click to enlarge. Spartak. Summer Ballet Festival. Moscow, Russia. Click to enlarge.

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Natalia Sats theatre. Summer Ballet Festival. Moscow, Russia

Natalia Sats Theatre

Organizers of the Summer Ballet Festival. Moscow, Russia


Natalia Sats theatre hall plan

Dress Code for Summer Ballet Festival

There is no strict dress code for the Summer Ballet Festival. Casual dress is accepted, for example you can wear jeans if you want. The only dress that are not allowed are shorts and T-shirts.

Address: Vernadskogo pr. 5 (Metro (subway) station "Univercity") , see map

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