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Veronica Dudarova (Artistic Director)

Art director is Veronica Dudarova
National artist of the USSR, the State Prize of Russia winner
The Symphonic Orchestra of Russia is a state group that was founded in 1991 by an outstanding Russian conductor Veronica Borisovna Dudarova. She is considered to be one of the best musicians of Moscow, St.Petersburg, Kiev, Minsk and Novosibirsk.

There are more than 500 performances in the best native and foreign music halls in the Orchestra’s archive. More than half a million listeners have visited their concerts.

Now the Symphonic Orchestra of Russia gives more than forty concerts per season, holds several subscription cycles. The cycle of symphonic concerts of young people and children is one of the most popular. It is held in SCCH “Russia”. The group takes part in festivals and competitions named after P.I.Tchaikovsky, S.V.Rakhmaninov, and M.I.Glinka.

The name of Veronica Dudarova, a laureate of State Russian Musical Award and an academician of International Art Academy, is very famous not only in Russia but all over the world. Being an extraordinary talented and erudite person, Veronica Dudarova has a bright creative individuality and mastery. She performs lots of tours in different countries of the world and she always is a success. There were tours to the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovenia, Japan, Iran, Turkey, Spain, Sweden, Norway, Mexico, Venezuela, Panama, Columbia, Peru, Cuba, which were widely illustrated by the mass media.

The concerts of Veronica Dudarova are held worldwide at the best Music-halls and always are a success. Musical critics outline her charm, which makes any musical composition, conducted by Veronica Dudarova, speak perfect and genuinely. But this is quite nicely combined with an extraordinary powerful and imperative message which shapes the many-sided orchestra into a unique musical entity. In Belgrade, a musical critic of the "Politic Express" newspaper wrote: "Veronica Dudarova is the only conductor equally mastering the power, meaning and sound of a composition. She is uncompromising and persevering to gain her own vision of composition. Veronica combines the best features of a musician, artist and master of sound."

The musical critic of a Dutch newspaper pointed out: "Dudarova and her ability to transliterate the psychology of music made the voice of the orchestra visible. Seeing Dudarova conducting, one may think she has a choreographic background – her motion is so soft and expressive. In Barcelona, critic’s words were: "The concert achieved its brightness not only for the expressiveness and tension but because, above all, there was a magic and dazzling atmosphere – a symbol of the brilliant performance, harmony and beauty." A Mexican newspaper exclaimed: "We admire this outstanding conductor who is remarkable for her simultaneously intense, fiery and intellectual music interpretation." Veronica masters the orchestra and is able to transmit her innermost thoughts to each musician of the orchestra. Veronica Dudarova’s repertoire is enormous. It practically includes all the styles and trends of musical literature.

She is a brilliant interpreter of classic music of the past, but as well of the XX century music. One more peculiarity of Veronica Dudarova and her orchestra is the attention to young and gifted musicians taking part in joined concerts with the orchestra. The main part of musicians of the orchestra consists of young people, and the conductor does not avoid working with them but gives them authentic lessons of orchestral acting. Veronica Dudarova is not only an inborn gifted conductor but an interesting creative person who combines human, musical and artistic skills. This allows her understand and interpret scores of any semantic and style difficulty

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