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Hans diter Shaal (Stage Director)

It were borne in Ulm-on- Danube (Germany). The history of skills and philosophy at the universities of tube and Munich were studied. The architecture in Hannover was studied since 1965, in 1970 was obtained the diploma of the technical university of Stuttgart. It were occupied by the formulation of exhibitions and by topographical design in Stuttgart. In 1981 obtained the allowance of the federal earth Baden- Wurtemberg, that allowed it to be worked on probation in Rome (on the villa Massimo). Since 1982 opened her own architectural bureau in Attenvaylere in the environs of Ulm.
Since 1982 actively it works in the theater. Among its theatrical productions of opera the "Trojans" Of g. Berlioz (Frankfurtskaya opera)"Moisey and Aaron" Of a. shenberg (Berlin)"votstsek" Of a. Berg (Berlin, Paris)"Tristan and Isolde" Of r. Wagner (Hamburg, Bologna)"lulu" Of a. Berg (Brussels)"Orpheus" K.V. of Gluck (Vienna) the "Electras" Of r. Strauss (Dresden, Zurich)"fiyerrabras" Of f. Schubert Of the "idomeney" OF V.A. Mozart "holy Francois D‘ Assisi" O.Messiana (San Francisco) the "fairy tales of Hoffman" Of zh. Offenbach (Graz)"mazepa" Of p. Tschaikovsky (Bern) et al
At present are prepared for the setting "dead city" 3. V. korngol‘d (Geneva), "nose" D. shostakovicha(Essen).
He collaborated with the well-known directors, among whom - the rues Of bergkhaus, Yokhannes Schaaf, Nikolas Of briger, aryl Of zigert, Dominic noyner and Tatiana gyurbach.
Architectural projects include ritual complex in the Bodensee in g. of zingen; Wieland‘s park in g. Biberax-on- rice; Museum of cinema in Berlin; Museum of applied skill and crafts in the lock Of kepenik (Berlin); Mediateka and the museum of television in Berlin.
Exhibitions: "Berlin- Berlin: Cinema, Movie, Cinema. 100 years of cinema "; "Prometheus" (Fel‘klingen, Tel Aviv); German pavilion on the Venetian architectural Of biyennale-y99‘, etc.
Author the artist of eight books, among which the "Moon", "to learn in Hollywood", "road and path space", "architectural situations", "about the houses, the beasts and the people". At present works at the book "Global Museum" ("global museum"), which will leave in 2006 it lives and it works in Attenvaylere and Berlin.
In the Bolshoi theater it made a debut in season 2005/06 by setting S. Prokofiev‘s ballet "Cinderella".

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