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Yuri Gegeshidze (Set Designer)

It finished Tbilisi state artistic academy for the class of painting. It worked in the dramatic and musical theaters of Georgia and Russia, including Tbilisi state academic theater of opera and ballet of the name of Zacharias paliashvili, Batumskom children‘s state theater of opera and ballet, Rostov state theater of the drama of the name M. of Gor‘kiy, Moscow theater of music and drama under the management Of stasa of dent. He collaborated with the directors Mikhail tumanishvili, By gayozom Of zhordaniya, Zaza Sikharulidze, by khoreografom of Georgiy aleksidze et al. designed more than 125 dramatic and operatic plays, it participated in the creation of four fil‘mov.

Together with the director Temurom Chkheidze in the state academic dramatic theater of name Mardjanishvili‘s tomcat placed plays "eternal husband" according to F. Dostoyevsky i"Otets" a. strinberg (1980- e yr.), and in the Russian state academic Bolshoi theater im. G. a.Tovstonogov - plays "solar night" n. dumbadze (1997) and "the masquerade" Of m. lermontov (2003).

For the creation of stsenografii and suits to the play "masquerade" Yuri Gegeshidze was noted by reward gold strip light in the nomination "best work of artist". Possessor of prize "gold planketka" for the sketches of suits to the play "emelino happiness". Cavalier Of the order Of slavy.

In the season of Bolshoi theater 2004/05 in the collaboration Temurom Chkheidze carried out setting opera "lady Macbeth Mtsenskogo district" D. Shostakovic.

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