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Adam Luders (Balletmaster)

The heir Of petipa and one of the ancestors of American classical ballet, George Balanchin with the enormous piety always related to Danish choreographic school and organized in its company New York To siti ballet the significant "diaspore" of Danish dancers, among whom subsequently and found to itself successor - Pieter Martinsa. Adam Lueders was one of the brightest representatives of this "diaspore".
He was borne in Copenhagen in 1950. In 1968 it graduated from the school of the royal Danish ballet (it learned in the outstanding teachers faith volkovoy, Kirstena Of ralova, Hans breny, Stanley Williams) and it was accepted in the corps-de-ballet of this company, where in four years it made the impressive career.
Fulfilled the solo and leading parties in the ballets "studies" to the music Of k. cherni (Kh. Lander‘s choreography), "lilac garden" to the music of 3. Chausson (3. Tudor‘s choreography), "lady and chute" to the music of G. Verdi (J. krenko‘s choreography), "sleep-walker" to V. Bellini‘s music in the orchestration Of v. riyeti and "symphony to major key" in the music Of zh. Bizet (J. balanchin‘s choreography), the "swan lake" and the "nut cracker" Of p. Tschaikovsky (F. flindt‘s choreography), and also in the ballets from A. burnonvil‘s heritage.
In 1972 left royal Danish ballet and the London festival of ballet came out with the company.
In 1975 was invited as the premier into the company New York Siti ballet.
He was the partner of all prima ballerinas of this company 70-80- X yr. - Patrisii MacBride, Karin von aroldingen, Meril of Ashley, Kir Nickols, S‘yuzen Of farrell and others. There was one of first executors of the ballets George Balanchina: "chamber music №2" to the music Of p. Hindemith (1978) the "ballet of the Walpurgis night" Of sh. Gounod (1980) the "dances of Davidov brotherhood" Robert Schumann "to the music Of r. Schumann (1980)" Hungarian gipsy napevy "to the music S. menter in the orchestration Of p. Tschaikovsky (Tschaikovsky‘s festival, 1981)" noy and flood "to the music Of i. stravinskiy (second editorial staff, festival in the honor of the 100- anniversary Of stravinskogo, 1982)
There was one of first executors of ballet the "divertissements Of burnonvilya" to the composite music, set in NYSB By s. Williams (1977), and also Pieter‘s ballets Martinsa the "quartets of Rossini" to the music of J. Rossini (1983), the "merriment" to the music Of i. s.Bakh (1984), the "violin concert of Barber" to the music Of s. Barber (1988), the "romance of Beethoven" to the music Of l. van Beethoven (1989), "Echo" to the music Of m. torke (1989), of ballet "into the memory about..." to A. Berg‘s music in setting of J. robbins (1985) and some others, created for this company.
Was combined the career of dancer with the teaching in the American school of ballet - official school NYSB. As the invited soloist it appeared with the ballet of Parisian opera and different American ballet companies.
During June 1994 took place its farewell appearance with the company New York To siti ballet. In 1995 Adam Lueders returned to the royal Danish ballet as the teacher and the coach.
In 1997 it organized the performing on tour company the young stars of ballet, into which entered its former students headed by Itanom By stifelom, then still by the soloist OF NYSB.
At present Adam Lueders is the director of the branch of the school of royal Danish ballet into Khol‘stebro. Simultaneously teaches in Pieter‘s company Shaufussa, which is rested in the same town.
In this company it again began to dance - in its repertoire dancing- pantomimical roles in the ballets Of shaufussa (padre Lorenzo, Hans Christian Andersen). It renewed the ballets Of burnonvilya and Balanchina for the conservatories of Lyon and Paris, ballet Of nansi, ballet of Berlin state opera and other ballet companies.
In Russia
The acquaintance of Adam Lueders with Russia and with Russian ballet began in 1969. - it was participant IN THE I international competition of the artists of the ballet in Moscow, on which it came out with Eva yevdokimovoy, subsequently by world famous ballerina. In 2001 it renewed the ballet Of balanchina "koncherto of baroque" to I. s.Bakh‘s music in the Permian academic theater of opera and ballet im. P. i.Chaykovskiy. In 2004 was placed the ballet Of balanchina "koncherto of baroque" in the Bolshoi

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