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Lorca Massine (Balletmaster)

It were borne in 1944 in New York in the well-known ballet family. Learned in willow Briye, Victor gzovskogo and her father, Leonid myasina, who had a significant effect on his professional formation. From it he inherited equal interest in the dance classical and characteristic, thrust to the topical ballets and the dramatic theater.
In the fourteen year old age Lorca Myasin appeared at the theatrical the stages: in England - in the plays Of u. Shakespeare, in France - To zh. zhirod. In sixteen years - the first test of the forces of future khoreografa - composed the ballet "transformation" on F. Kafka‘s story, whose premier it passed in Paris, in eighteen - it began to place motion in the plays of dramatic theaters, including Parisian Komedi Of fransez. But for the first time it left to the scene at the age of nine years, after carrying out the role of Christ in the ballet of its father "resurrection and life" to the music of the Venetian composers OF THE XVI and THE XVII it was age-long in the arrangement Of v. mortari.
In 1964 together with the sister European ballet established theatrical company by Tatiana. It came out in the composition of the ballet of Monte Carlo.
In 1968-70 yr. it worked in the company Maurice bezhara balet KHKH of the century, whereas where in first yr of its stay was placed ballet "tenth symphony" on G. maler‘s music.
In 1971 after successful demonstration on workshop‘e in the school of company New York to siti ballet, headed by George Balanchinym, the latter invited him in NYSB. With this company Of myasin it remained to 1973. - he collaborated with The the balanchinym and Jerome robbins, were placed ballets, including "four last songs" to the music Of r. Strauss (1971), the "spring" on the music Of k. Debussy (1972), the "ode" to the music Of i. stravinskiy (1972).
Lorca Myasin carried out more than fifty settings of ballets and musical plays.
Among his original ballets the "cattle yard" on the novel of J. oruell, "ezoterika To sati" to the music of 3. sati, the "holiday Of m. teodorakis‘s dance", "Sebastian" of J. k.Menotti, Kh. v.Khentse‘s "Undina", "fortep‘yanissimo" to F. Chopin‘s music.
It regularly renews the ballets of its father, among which "mario and the magician" Of f. mannino on T. Mann‘s short story, "mercury" and the "parade" of 3. sati, the "cocked hat" Of m. de Falla, "pul‘chinella" to J. pergolezi‘s music in the arrangement Of i. stravinskiy, "spring revered" I. stravinskogo, "Parisian merriment" to the music Of zh. Offenbach in the arrangement Of m. Rosenthal, "omens" to the music Of p. Tschaikovsky, the "canto of nightingale" to I. stravinskiy‘s music, "magic bench" to J. Rossini‘s music in the arrangement Of o. respigya, "fantastic symphony" to G. Berlioz‘s music.
In 1988 in the Neapolitan theater San Porta carried out setting ballet "Parisian merriment" to Zh. Offenbach‘s music - in the play participated Ekaterina Maximov (Prodavshchits gloves) and Vladimir Vasil‘yev (baron).
Among the theaters, which invited it to the settings, American ballet theater (ABT), New York Metro- opera, Dzhoffri ballet (Chicago), the royal ballet Of kovent-Garden, royal Danish ballet, the milanskiy Theatre la Scala, Roman opera, theater Massimo (Palermo), Venetian theater la to feniche, Neapolitan San- Porta, Genoa Porta Felice, Parisian national opera, Hamburg opera, the Warsaw Bolshoi theater, Sofia‘s people opera.
In 1988 to order of festival the arena di Verona placed its most famous ballet - "Greek Of zorba" on M. teodorakis‘s music on N. kazandzakis‘s novel, in whom title party Vladimir Vasil‘yev carried out. Subsequently itself successfully came out in this role. Ballet was set in the theaters Lodz, Rome, Warsaw, Athens, to Sofia, Poznani, Torino and Vilnius and repeatedly it showed at different international festivals. It looked spectators more than twenty countries.
In 1981-83 yr. and 1991 Lorca Myasin occupied the post of the director of the ballet company of Roman opera. In 1990 the ballet theater of the east into Lodz established. In 1991-93 yr. it led the ballet company of Warsaw people opera.
In 2005 it for the first time renewed the ballets of its father - "cocked hat", "Parisian merriment" and "omens" - on the Russian scene - the scene of the Bolshoi theater.

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