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Ballet Show "Summer Seasons" by Russian National Ballet Theatre
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Radik Zaripov (Assistant of choreography)

It were borne in Ufa (Bashkirya). Graduated from the Leningrad choreographic school (now the academy of the Russian ballet im. A. ya.Vaganovoy), where it learned in Anatoliy nisnevich, and it was accepted in the ballet company of the Leningrad small state academic theater of opera and ballet (now theater im. M. p.Musorgskiy).
In 1990 he became the dancer of Hamburg ballet. In 1991 it was elevated into the rank of soloist. In 1998-2003 it taught in the school with this company. Since 2003. - ballet master- coach.

Hamburg repertoire
Benvolio ("Romeos and Juliette" S. Prokofiev) Of demetriy ("sleep on the summer night" to the music Of f. mendel‘son and D. Ligeti)
graph Aleksandr ("illusions as" swan lake "p. Tschaikovsky)
Gunter ("the nut cracker "Of p. Tschaikovsky)
solo parties in the ballets:
"Mozart 338" to V. a.Motsart‘s music
"children‘s scenes" to R. Schumann‘s music
the "songs of soldata"na G. maler‘s music
"requiem" to V. a.Motsart‘s music)
"per of gyunt" to A. shnitke‘s music
"now and then" to M. ravel‘s music
"concert symphony" in setting Of l. lyubovich Miracle- boy Mozart ("window into Mozart" to the music Of v. a.Motsart, A. shnitkes, L van Beethoven, M. regera, V. von shveynitsa) - first executor
ser Tobi ("Vival‘di, or as to you this it will be pleased" to A. vival‘di‘s music) - the first executor

Petersburg repertoire

Basile ("the Don Quixote" L. minkus, choreography Of a. gorskiy)
Albert ("A. Adam‘s Zhizel‘", choreography Of zh. koralli, Zh. perro, M. petip)
James ("Kh. levenshell‘s Sil‘fida", A. burnonvil‘s choreography in the editorial staff 3. m. von Rosen)
prince dezire, Katalabyut ("the latent beauty" P. Tschaikovsky, M. petip‘s choreography)
prince Sigfried ("swan lake" P. Tschaikovsky, choreography Of m. petip, L. Ivanov) party in the ballet "theme with the variations" to the music Of p. Tschaikovsky (J. balanchin‘s choreography)

It transferred to the scene Of mariinskogo state academic theater John noymayer‘s ballets "now and then" and "spring and autumn" to A. Dvorak‘s music. It worked with the corps-de-ballet of the milanskogo Theatre la Scala with the transfer to this scene of ballet "now and then".

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