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Opera Peter Tchaikovsky "Mazepa"
World famous Bolshoi Ballet and Opera theatre (established 1776) - Small Stage

Running time: 220 min

Schedule for Peter Tchaikovsky "Mazepa" 2022

Composer: Peter Tchaikovsky

Orchestra: Bolshoi Theatre Symphony Orchestra

Kochubey’s farmstead near Poltava. His daughter, beautiful Maria comes to the garden and with her heart trembling listens to the voices heard from the house. They receive an important guest there – an omnipotent getman Mazepa. Hiding from parents she fell in love with him. She feels that her love to the old man will bring her death but she can’t stand her passion.
Kochubey is outraged by the old man’s pretensions. The quarrel begins. At the peak of the clash Mazepa suggests Maria to decide herself whether she wants to be with him or with her father. Maria chooses the grey-haired getman and leaves her house.
Kochubey’s true friends have gathered together in his house. Lubov, Iskra and Andrew share his sorrow. Kochubey has decided: he has understood Mazepa‘s plans of betrayal. The mean ambitious man thought of seizing Ukraine from Russia and giving it to another country. It is necessary to warn Tzar Peter about this treacherous plan. Kochubey’s friends support him. Andrew who hates Mazepa greatly wants to bring denunciation to Moscow himself.
A cell in Mazepa’s castle. Tzar Peter hasn’t believed Kochubey’s denunciation and handed Kochubey and Iskra over to Mazepa. There is the last night before execution. Kochubey parts with his wife Lubov. He is ready to die rather then to subdue to the traitor.
Mazepa’s room. He is tormented by contraversary feelings – his love to Maria and his thirst for revenge to Kochubey. But love of power predominates. Mazepa orders Orlik to execute Kochubey and Iskra at dawn. Troubled Maria comes. It seems to her that she means nothing to getman now. Mazepa tries to persuade her that he loves her and soothing her reveals her ambitious plan.
In the outburst of excited worship Maria imagines getman a Ukraine’s tzar. She is blinded with her love to Mazepa. Getman asks her carefully: “Say, whether husband or father is dearer to you?» She answers “You are the most dear for me”. Maria is ready to sacrifice everything for Mazepa.
Suddenly Lubov appears Maria’s mother. She asks her daughter to rescue Kochubey from execution. Maria doesn’t believe in her words. So Lubov tells her about the arranged massacre. Shocked by these Maria hurries up to the place of execution.
Lubov and Maria run to the square but they can’t stop the action – the execution is already over. Maria becomes mad.
The ruined Kochubey’s farmstead. A battle is getting over somewhere in distance. The Swedes are defeated. Mazepa and Orlik who have led the enemy to Ukraine escape from the battlefield.
During the battle Andrew searched for getman but in vain. And suddenly Mazepa and Orlik tired with a long ride appear near the house. Andrew bares his sword and rushes to Mazepa; the latter wounds him mortally. Maria obsessed with grief comes from the wood. Shocked Mazepa tries to soothe her. But Maria doesn’t recognize him. She hates this strange and horrible man. Orlik reminds of the near chase and Mazepa again runs away. Maria bends to wounded Andrew but also doesn’t recognize him. The kozak dies listening to the lullaby of mad Maria.

Schedule for Peter Tchaikovsky "Mazepa" 2022

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