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Ballet Show "Summer Seasons" by Russian National Ballet Theatre
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Modern Ballet Modern Dance Ballet of Boris Eifman."Requiem. Musaget"
Modern Dance Ballet of Boris Eifman

Schedule for Modern Dance Ballet of Boris Eifman."Requiem. Musaget" 2021-2022

Choreography: Boris Eifman

Dedication to Balanchinu
Boris eyfman’s ballet.
Music: I.S.Bach in the play is used Georgian people music
Set-Design: Vyacheslav Okunev
Premier it took place on 5 October, 2004

"Musaget" - this is play in the honor of great khoreografa Of balanchina. This is my admiration by it, this is the tribute of the acknowledgement of ballet Russia to that, who so brilliantly developed and improved the traditions of Russian ballet theater and made actually possible evolution of dance from KH.IKH to THE XXI century.
This is biographical ballet, but in it there is a personality of khoreografa, whose life took place in the ballet hall, where everything was subordinated to creation, but creation vdokhnovleno by its fate. I was immersed into the peace of balanchinskikh ballets, it was shaken by the personality of Balanchina itself and no longer it could be freed from this fascination.
Bach’s music became the musical basis of ballet "Musaget". The emotions, forged by ideal form, polyphonic thinking, the connection of celestial and terrestrial - this that which draws together the creation of Bach and Balanchina.

Boris eyfman’s ballet
Music: W.A. Mozart
Decorations: Semen Pastuh
Costume-design: Ekaterina Rapai
Premier it took place on 22 August, 1991

"listening to" Mozart’s requiem ", you oshchushchayesh’ the respiration of eternity. Anxieties and fears disappear, you is pierced by the unconscious presentiment of godly secret. From where you? Why you? What there is you?
By what come we into the peace, which awaits us, as let us leave it?.. You return at the beginning, to your memory, to the difficultly and happy squandered days.
Not in its one play 4 not it was so sincere, so internally exposed as in the Mozartian "requiem". It is possible to accept, to reject, but this my past, present and presentiment of future. This my memory introduces the unprotected youth into the peace, raises the tests of maturity, wisdom and weakness of old age. How much spite, slander, envy and violence in my memory, how many unfading touchs of happiness, love... All this in me, in each of us.
The incessant creative process of nature - mechanism of the development, without which is impossible its existence. Artistic creation was authentic sense, content of the nature of Mozart - not funeral canto, but the bottomless sensation of sufferings, hope and love for humanity "

Schedule for Modern Dance Ballet of Boris Eifman."Requiem. Musaget" 2021-2022

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