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Fried Parmedzhani (Costume Designer)

It were borne on the north of Italy in g. merano. Theatrical career began into y9"yag. in the West Berlin theater Shaubyune as stsenografa. Soon she stated about itself as artist on the suits and, once in this quality, she collaborated with such famous directors as Rayner Werner fassbinder and hatchway Of bondi. In y98yg. it was noted by the encouraging reward to the Berlin academy of skills, from y989g. it teaches at the university of applied skill in Vienna. In y990g. by authoritative German periodical "Theater heute" was named by "artist on the suits of year".

With 1987- GO he collaborates with legendary American director Robert Wilson. Among their largest joint operations "quartet" Of kh. Mueller into Shaushpil‘khause in Stuttgart (y98"g.)," forest "on the old-Indian epos in Berlin Fol‘ksbyune," martyrdom of holy Sebastian "of g. D`Annunqio- K. Debussy in the Parisian national opera (y998g.), the opera "material" Of l. andrisson in Amsterdam, the "swan song" Of a. Chekhov in the Munich theater To kammershpile (y989g.), the "black rider" of Vol. U31tsa- U. To s.Berrou in the Waist- theater in Hamburg (y990g.), R. Wagner‘s "Parsifal‘" in the Hamburg state opera, the "disease of death" on M. dyuras in Shaubyune (y99yg.), "Alisa" according to L. Carroll (1992g.) and the "time of rokera" according to G. Wells (1996g.) in the Waist- theater, and also the "Madame butterfly" J. puchchini in the Parisian opera Of bastiliya (1995g.) and R. Wagner‘s "Loengrin" in the New York theater Metro- opera (y998g.).

For the Salzburg festival (Austria) created suits for the realized by Robert Wilson settings it leaned the "lock of duke dark-blue beard" B. Bartok "expectation" Of a. shenberg (y99shchg.), "pelleas and Melizanda" Of k. Debussy (y99"g., joint setting with the opera Of bastiliya)," death of Danton "Of g. Buechner (1998g.) and setting Jonathan Miller opera "mitridat, tsar is Pontian" V. a.Motsart (y99"g.). Created suits for famous glyukovskoy dilogii in the Parisian theater Shatle - "Orpheus" and "al‘tsesty" in setting of Robert Wilson (1999g.) and the uilsonovskogo "rings of Nibelungen" Of r. Wagner in the operatic theater of Zurich (2000-2002gg.).

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