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Igor Chapurin (Designer)

It were borne in 1968 in the city Velikie Luki. Vitebsk technological technical school finished. In 1992, being the student of Vitebsk technological institute, it participated in the Parisian competition of the young modellers of the name of Nina Ricci and became one of its prize-winners. Competitive success helped it to continue the subjugation of Paris: it obtains the possibility to be worked on probation in the capital of world mode and in to the same, 92nd year it presents Russia on X the international festival of the young designers of clothing.
The following stage in the quarry was passed under the sign of the competitions of another kind - Chapurin created dresses for Russian participants in all possible competitions of beauty, including the "miss of peace", by the universe and finally Russia itself.
In 1995 in the hotel Of "metropol‘" it for the first time showed its author‘s collection in Moscow, after giving to it very symbolic name "To Russia with love" ("into Russia with the love"). This demonstration crowned by the order of thirty suits for the show "miss yevropa"-9‘. With 96- GO g. on 98-1 it developed the first line of the woman‘s clothing of class pret-A- porter de luxe houses of the mode Of iren Of golitsynoy.
In 1998 Igor chapurin‘s collection (under the impression from its collaboration with princess golitsynoy it was named it "Sevastopol, November 1920...") obtained the highest reward to the Russian association of high mode - "gold mannequin". Chapurin becomes the member of association. Periodical "kharpers market" awards to it reward "style -98".
In 1999 and 2000 pass the demonstrations of its collections to Switzerland and Germany. In 1999 the modeller obtains national reward "ovation".
Since 1999 Of chapurin it begins to develop the design of intricate adornments together with the American jewelry company "Vasily Konovalenko Art" and opens first butik of the house Of chapurina - on The myasnitskoy street in Moscow. In the same year it made a debut as the artist on the suits in the theater, after participating in the debyutnoy setting of famous comradeship 814 - play on A. griboyedov‘s play "mountain from the mind", set by Oleg Menshikov. In 2001 it already dresses the heroes of three plays - "kitchens" on the play Of m. kurochkin (setting O. men‘shiyekov), "small prince" according to A. de Saint- Exupery (enterprise BOGIS, setting Mikhail lavrovskiy and Mikhail Krylov, in which participated the artists of the Bolshoi theater) and the play of the Moscow state theater of stage "good-bye, Marlen, Zdravstvuy" (setting gennadi Shaposhnikov, in the role Marlen Dietrich - Helen Morozov). At the same time Chapurin tried itself, also, in the cinema - on its sketches were created the suits to the film the "vocal parallels" Of rustama Of khamdamova.
In 2003 Of chapurin it created suits, and decoration to the ballet "Madame Lioneli" to the music Of g. brayers and J. Adams (setting Cyril Simonov), in whom appeared the soloists Of mariinskogo theater Irma nioradze and Ilya Kuznetsov. The premier of play it took place on the scene of the theater of the St. Petersburg state conservatory im. N. a.Rimskogo-Korsakov, and then it was shown in the London concert hall Albert- Hall.
In the same year Of chapurin again "it were crossed" with Oleg Menshikov, after composing suits for the play, set by Cyril serebrennikov on the lermontovskomu "demon", in which Menshikov played title role. In 2003 the achievements of Igor chapurin were again noted by "gold mannequin". In the same year first in Milan, and then in Moscow took place the presentation of its project in the region of the design of "domestic interior" - was represented the line of furniture, light and parquet CHAPURINCASA. In 2004 in this style it was designed by cafe "spring" on Novyy Arbat.
In 2004 together with company Swarovski it created suits to the Olympic Games in Athens for Russian gimnastok of Alina kabayevoy and Irina chashchinoy. 2005 will be marked by compiling the two lines of clothing - children‘s and intended for the mountain-skiing sport.
In the Bolshoi theater Igor chapurin made a debut in 2005, after creating suits to the ballet of Leonid myasin "omens" to P. Tschaikovsky‘s music.

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