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Pavel Khunk (Bass)

The English bass- baritone of Pavel Khunk graduated from royal musical college in Manchester, and then was improved in Switzerland in the famous chamber singer of Mary zandulesku.

the first successes of singer they were connected with the operatic theater of basel, in which he carried out the rank of the leading parties of bass repertoire. With Pavel khunk‘s time conquered international acknowledgement, coming out on the renowned operatic scenes of peace - in Vienna, Paris, Munich, Salzburg, London, as Bonnet, Madrid, to Geneva, under control of the outstanding conductors (K.Abbado, Z.Mety, Dzh.Teyta, P.Shnaydera and dr.).

in the repertoire Of p.Khunki they were presented the numerous operatic parties of German, Italian, French and Russian of schools. Vocal and artistic data make possible for it with the equal success to fulfill the characteristic and lyric roles of romantic repertoire (Pizarro into "fidelio" of Beethoven, Liziart in "evriante" and Caspar in "free to pointer" weber, Khunding in "Valkyrie" of Wagner, Tomskiy in the "Queen of Spades" of Tschaikovsky, Fal‘staf in the similar opera of Verdi); dramatic parties it leaned THE XIX (Shaklovityy in "khovanshchine" Of musorgskogo, flying Dutchman in the opera of Wagner, Klingzor into "parsifale" of Wagner) and KhKhvv. (goal in "pellease and Melizande" of Debussy, Votstsek in Berg‘s opre, doctor Schoen into "lulu" of Berg, Barak in the "woman without the shadow" R.Shtrausa, was cone in the "notes from the dead house" Of yanacheka).

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