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Nikulin State Classical Moscow Circus (established 1880)

SCHEDULE for Nikulin State Classical Moscow Circus (established 1880) 2022

Old Moscow State circus on the Colored bulvar - one of the old is circus Russia. One hundred and the more of years ago, in 1880, this building on the colored avenue built for Albert salamonskiy‘s circus merchant Danilov‘s office. They speak, the first ruble, rescued for the ticket, Salamonskiy put into the framework and hung in the cashbox. When on 20 October, 1880, circus accepted the first spectators, were there five series armchairs, lie, first floor, the second places with the wooden unnumbered benches and standing gallery. Then the building repeatedly was adjusted slightly and finished building, but entire its long century it served circus.

The most famous artists appeared on its manege. Anatoliy and Vladimir durovy, Vitalius lazarenko, Vil‘myams Of trutstsi with its disciplined horses. Unsurpassed jumpers Of sosiny. Pervokalssnye jockeys Vasiliy sobolevskiy and Herbert Cook gratsioznaya is the dancer of March Sur. the acrobats Of okeanos. Incomparable ekvilibristki of sister Koch is famous of "slynesses" Kio, that bewitched all boys. Its famous directors glorified circus, and each was untiring in the search. Arnold Arnold brought clowns into the mysterious attraction Of kio. Boris shakhet it forced elegant dancers to make his partners of huge Kornilovskiys elephants. To the success of circus in many respects contributed the work in it of artistic leader yu.S.Yurskiy, who thundered by his adapted to stage parade- prologues, chief director m.S.Mestechkina, producer-director a.G.Arnol‘d, directors N.S.Baykalova A.V.Asanova.

The khudouzhestvennyy leader of the studio of circus skill Izyaslav nemchinskiy created on the Moscow manege the authentic revelation of century - "bear circus" Of valetnia Of filatova. Mark mestechkin in one excellent winter forced clowns from the external circus balcony, or as it was called into the old times, Routh, to sing to entire colored avenue the mischievous verses:
Circuses were constructed on the market - history was such.
We live not on the old ways - to us they attached market.

Circus on the Cvetnoj bulvar and actually lived and worked not on the old ways. It always conducted search. Search for new numbers. Search for new plays. Search for new names. In 1919 on the decree Of v.I.Lenina the circus was natsionalizirovan. The former circus Of salamonskogo became the first state circus.

This simply comfortable circus, where, as frequently, tyuey rozhdatsya never young, in the different time opened to us the names of trainers Sarvata and Olga begbudi, ropewalkers of Leonid kostyuk and Aleksey sarach, juggler of Sergey ignatov, air gymnasts hope Drozdov, Valerie and with Yuri panteleyenko.

It is possible to say that the Moscow circus has already long ago become theatrical, letting out to the circus conveyor new numbers, attractions, plays, large pantomimes, special children‘s ideas. It is here at the end of the fiftieth annual they restored water pantomime. One after others appeared three plays - "youth celebrate" (1956), "happy floatings" (1059), "carnival in Cuba" (1962). Here reliably were affirmed the children‘s plays, which as a rule, go in the days of vacations.

And what respecting itself circus will manage without its own clowns! The unfading glory of pencil here began. In those years "Pravda" it gave the declarations of theatrical Moscow. And each day only one line among them was constant: "on the manege - pencil". Once did not come out in the old circus "solar clown" Oleg Popov. In 1946 the studio of clownery was created. Many its wards left in the different years to the maneges of the country. Yuri Kotov and Boris Romanov. Leonid kukso, canine Aybolit Aleksandr Popov, leader of canine "chorus" Sergey bouslayev... On the Moscow manege began to shine Leonid yengibarov‘s star, who called himself the external student of Charlie Chaplin. It inspired showed to people its, similar to the fairy tales, mimic stsenki. It was called "clown with the autumn in the heart". But it is indisputable, by the most famous clowns, whom Moscow circus presented to light, steel of studiytsy of the second release Yuri Nikulin and Mikhail shuydin. Sometimes only for them people took tickets into the circus, without turning special attention, who still is registered in programmke. During the war 1941-45 yr. the circus did not cease its work. Numbers worked, new programs were placed. The special effect episodes, connected with the military actions, occupied special position in the settings. In the arena, in the famous pantomime "three our", occurred combat of motorcyclists, fight for the horse, acrobatic clownery of two German soldiers. In the finale to the manege present tank left and it pressed enemy reinforced-concrete pillboxes. In clownish reprizakh of the bright clown of pencil in the groteskovo- satiric style ridiculed Fascist warriors. In 1983 management of circus accepted the people artist OF THE USSR, famous clown and artist Yuri Nikulin. On 13 August, 1985, took place last idea in the old building of circus. This idea became the immense memory event for all Muscovites. Old building was broken after this.

On 19 October, 1987, was produced the laying of the first stone for the building of new building, and capsule is there immured. But through several years, on 29 September, 1989, took place the discovery the new building of old Moscow circus by program "how do you do, old circus!" (directors V.Krymko, N.Makovskaya).

During July 1996 the chief director of circus assigned the deserved worker of the skills Valentina gneushevs. During December 1996 after the 75- summer anniversary of Yuri Nikulin to circus was appropriated the name the "Moscow circus of Nikulin on the colored avenue". During August 1997, after the decease Of yu.V.Nikulina, by Director-General was selected his son Maxim Nikulin. In the new building of circus now contemporary technical equipment, are in a new way equipped administrative offices, make-up rooms, accomodations for entire animal, in a word, internal part. Unusually beautiful became new zrtitel‘skoye foyer. The auditorium, only with the small changes, tried to reproduce also as it was to the reconstruction. Today old Moscow Circus on the cvetnoj bulvar is as before prepared to accept more than 2 000 people.

Nikulin State Classical Moscow Circus hall plan

Children under 6 years can go for free, if they will be on your laps

Address: Tsvetnoy bulvar, 13 , see map

SCHEDULE for Nikulin State Classical Moscow Circus (established 1880) 2022

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Equilibrist Roman Khopersky. Nikulin State Classical Moscow Circus
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