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Chamber Stage Boris Pokrovsky Theatre on Nikolskaya Street

SCHEDULE for Chamber Stage Boris Pokrovsky Theatre on Nikolskaya Street 2022

Historical reference

Moscow State Academic Chamber Music Theater under the artistic direction of B.A. Pokrovsky (since September 2009, the name of BA Pokrovsky) is one of the most famous and popular in the world of domestic musical theatres. It is located in the building of the famous complex "Slavianski Bazaar", wherein 1897 the historical meeting of KS was held. Stanislavsky and Vl.I. Nemirovich-Danchenko, who agreed to establish in Moscow Art Public Theater (MKhT).


Here is how Boris Alexandrovich Pokrovsky describes the history of the creation of the theatre in the book "My life is a stage": "... everything happened thanks to the active efforts of fate - in Moscow they decided to reform the small opera collective, touring in Russia and spreading a fine hack-work under the brand of opera performances. I was asked to help in the reorganization of the theatre. I could help the theatre only by setting up a performance for them After an inevitable screening, there remained a small handful of people who could not possibly be a theatre, but only chamber and At the same time, a small opera of the young composer Rodion Shchedrin, "Not only love," appeared that fascinated us already in the score ... and we rehearsed this small masterpiece by a chamber ensemble . The play was played on the stage of the Stanislavsky and Vl. I. Nemirovich-Danchenko: There was a success ... - so in 1972, the Moscow Chamber Music Theater was born. "


When in 1972 Pokrovsky founded the Chamber Music Theater, he did not yet have his own premises and the first performances - "Not only love" at the time of the young composer Rodion Shchedrin, "A lot of noise because of ... hearts" Tikhon Khrennikov, "Falcon Federigo degli Alberiga "Dmitry Bortnyansky went to different venues in Moscow. And only two years later, in 1974 the theatre received a permanent residence permit. A great role in this was played by the support of the composers T.N. Khrennikov (at that time the First Secretary of the Union of Composers of the USSR) and D.D. Shostakovich. The troupe of the young theatre was enriched by gitisovtsy - students of the course of acting skills, whose leader was BA. Pokrovsky.


A turning point in the life of the young theatrical collective - September 12, 1974, was the premiere of the opera by D.D. Shostakovich "The Nose" - an unrivalled director's masterpiece and "visiting card" of the Chamber Music Theater. The music director of the theatre is the conductor, People's Artist of the USSR Gennady Rozhdestvensky. From the very first days, the theatre became a genuine and for many years the only laboratory in the country of modern opera and at the same time a pioneer of national and opera rarities.


Nobody could have imagined that a small cellar on "Sokol" would become one of the main cultural centres not only of Moscow but of the whole world. To see the legendary performances, people came from all over the country. Here the Master created masterpieces - rarely performed classical and modern operas: Shostakovich's Nose, Stravinsky's Rake's Progress, Don Juan, or Punisher of Liberties and Mozart's Theater Director, Rostov Action by Metropolitan Dimitry of Rostov ...


In this theater, for the first time, operas of contemporary composers, which have already become classics such as the Overcoat, The Carriage, The Wedding, The Brothers Karamazov, Kholminov, The Life with the Idiot Schnittke, Count Cagliostro Tariverdieva, The Poor Lisa Desyatnikov, "Red liar and soldier" Ganelin, "Swan Song" Kobekin, "Poor People" Sedelnikov; old and little-known European operas - "Aptekar" Haydn, "Playing the Water" Britten and others.


Since 2010, the theatre has established a tradition: every year on the birthday of the Master to hold a retrospective show of his performances. The management and the creative staff of the theatre retain the founder's name and follow the ideas that Boris Aleksandrovich Pokrovsky bequeathed in his numerous books and publications, carefully and carefully restore the heritage of the genius director for posterity. And the annual festival of Boris Pokrovsky's performances will be a confirmation.

Address: Nikolskaya Street 17

SCHEDULE for Chamber Stage Boris Pokrovsky Theatre on Nikolskaya Street 2022

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