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Temur Chkheidze (Stage Director)

It were borne in 1943 in Tbilisi. In 1965 finished the producer department of the Tbilisi theatrical institute of the name Of shota of Rustavelli (teachers Dmitriy aleksidze and Mikhail tumanishvili). The creative way of beginnings in the dramatic theater g. of zugdigi, then since 1967 on 1970-1 placed plays in Tbilisi TYuZe ("the division of №y‘" V. daraseli, "adversities Of darispana misfortune" D. kldiashvili et al.).

Since 1970 for ten years it worked in the Georgian state academic dramatic theater im. Sh. Rustavelli, where in this time placed plays "step-mother Of samanishvili" on D. kldiashvili (together with Robert sturu), "house of Bernard Alba" Of f. g.Lorkya, the "fate of woman" according to M. dzhavakhishvili, Sh. dadiani‘s "yesterday‘s", "tsar edip" Sophocles, the "authority of the dark" Of l. Tolstoy et al.

From 1981 through 1987 he was the artistic leader of the state academic theater of the drama im. K. Mardjanishvili (were placed "khaki Of adzba" according to L. kiacheli, "collapse" according to M. dzhavakhishvili, "Othello" Of u. Shakespeare, "eternal husband" according to F. Dostoyevsky, the "father" Of a. strindberg et al.). It read lecture in the Tbilisi theatrical institute, for 12 years he was the artistic leader of the television theater of Georgia, where it placed not less than ten plays.

Was placed "collapse" in the Moscow artistic academic theater to the name M. of Gor‘kiy (1982), in THE MOSCOW ART THEATER the name Of a. p.Chekhov - "Antigone" Of zh. anuya (2001).

from the end of the 80th yr. much works in Saint Petersburg. In the Russian state academic Bolshoi theater im. G. a.Tovstonogov were placed "insidiousness and love" Of f. Shiller (1990), The "seylemskiye witches" Of a. mille­r, "love under the elms" Of yu. o‘Nil, "Macbeth" Of u. Shakespeare (1995), "Antigone" Of zh. anuya (1996, play it entered into the number of ten best Russian plays of season 1995/96), the "solar night" Of n. dumbadze (1997), "Boris Godunov" Of a. Pushkin (1998), "the house, where are divided hearts" B. shoa (2002), "masquerade" Of m. lermontov (2003), "Copenhagen" Of m. Fruin (2004 g.) and others. Since 2004 he is the chief director of this theater.

It is known and as operatic director. In the state academic by Mariinsk theater they realized settings it leaned the "player" Of s. Prokofiev (1991; 1996, joint setting with the milanskim Theatre la Scala), the "Don Carlos" G. Verdi (1992), the "flying Dutchman" Of r. Wagner (1998). "player" it also placed in 2001 in the New York theater Metro- opera. In 1998 in the Venetian theater la feniche together with conductor Aleksandr Titov and artist of Georgiy aleksi-Meskhishvili carried out settings it leaned the "sister Of andzhelika" of J. puchchini and the "meager knight" Of s. Rakhmaninoff (joint setting with The mariinskim theater).

Is honored titles "people artist of Georgia" (1981) and the "people artist of Russia" (1994), he is Lenin prize winner (1986). In 1997. "player", set to them in by Mariinsk theater, was rewarded with national theatrical reward "gold mask"

In the season of Bolshoi theater 2004/05 made a debut in the Bolshoi theater by setting opera "lady Macbeth Mtsenskogo district" D. shostakovicha.

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