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Galina Solovieva (Costume Designer)

It were borne in Leningrad. In 1975 graduated from the Leningrad state institute of theater, music and cinematography (now St. Petersburg state academy of the theatrical of iskusstva).

Since 1976 on 91-1 he was artist on the suits of the Leningrad state academic theater of opera and ballet of the name Of s. m.Kirov (now Mariinskiy). Participated in the work on ballets "swan lake" Of p. Tschaikovsky, "corsair" Of a. Adam (these plays and are now "dressed" in its suits), "Cinderella" Of s. Prokofiev, the "fairy Of the rondskeye mountains" to 3. Grieg‘s music, program the evening of ancient choreography, by opera "war both the peace" Of s. Prokofiev and et al. of spektaklyami.

She collaborated with the Leningrad state academic small theater of opera and ballet (now St. Petersburg academic theater of opera and ballet im. M. p.Musorgskiy) - participated in setting of the opera "Mary Stewart" Of s. slonimskogo (1981, world of premier, in 1982 play it were obtained the State Prize to Russia), "Queen of Spades" (1982), "iolanta" (1984 g.) and "Yevgeny Onegin" (1985 g.) P. chaykovskogo.

Since 1992 it lives and works in new -1orke.

He was artist on the suits more than on hundred settings - predominantly in the musical theaters. Including in the Permian state academic theater of opera and ballet of the name Of p. i.Chaykovskiy ("seven beauties" K. karayeva in setting Of vakhapzhana Of salimbayeva, "master Margaret" to the composite music in setting of David avdysh), repertoire theater of Indianapolis ("cherry garden" A. Chekhov, the "street of the angel" Of p. Hamilton), Of sofiyskoy to national opera ("Shopeniana", "sil‘fida" and other ballets), Balete of Indianapolis ("thousand and one night" F. amirova, the "nut cracker" Of p. Tschaikovsky, I. stravinskiy‘s "firebird" in setting of artdirektora of the company Of el‘dara Of aliyeva, "interzona" in setting of Vladimir angelov, A. Adam‘s "Zhizel‘"), in Seoul in the universal ballet ("the latent beauty" and the "swan lake" Of p. Tschaikovsky, "raymonda" Of a. glazunov, "zhizel‘", "Romeos and Juliette" Of s. Prokofiev in setting of artidirektora of Oleg Vinogradov‘s company), Moscow theater new opera ("the snow maiden" Of n. rimskogo-Korsakov -Korsakova) and drugikh.

She collaborated with the Shakespearean theatrical festival, that is conducted in the state Of oregon.

As a rule, he works in the creative alliance with his husband Semenom as herdsman - it was the artist-director of the majority of the plays, in creation of which it assumed uchastiye.

In 1999 together with S. pastukh it designed setting the opera of the "seeds Of s. Prokofiev‘s Kotka", in 2001. - "Othello" of G. Verdi in by Mariinsk theater. For the setting the "seeds of Kotka" were honored the highest theatrical reward of Saint Petersburg "gold strip light" (2000 g.).

In the Bolshoi theater as the artist-director for the first time it came out in 1980, after participating in setting of the ballet "hussar ballad" Of t. khrennikov (xoreograf- producer D. bryantsev). In season 2004/05 it worked on setting of ballet "bolt" D. shostakovicha.

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