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14 April 2022 (Thu), 19:00 Brilliant Classical Stanislavsky Ballet and Opera theatre (established 1887, founded by Stanislavsky) - Opera Modest Musorgsky "Khovanshchina" (folk musical drama in five acts, six scenes)

Running time: 3 hours 30 minutes (approx.) (till 22:30)

The performance has 1 intermission

Schedule for Modest Musorgsky "Khovanshchina" (folk musical drama in five acts, six scenes) 2022

Composer: Modest Mussorgsky
Light Designer: Damir Ismagilov
Designer: Vladimir Arefiev
Conductor: Alexander Lazarev
Director: Alexander Titel
Chorus Master: Stanislav Lykov

Orchestra: Stanislavsky theatre symphony orchestra
Opera company: Stanislavsky opera

Opera in 5 act

Performed in Russian, with syncronized English supertitles

Premiere of this production: 18 February 2015, Stanislavsky Ballet and Opera theatre, Moscow


Act I

Moscow. Red Square. Shaklovity, a Boyar, dictates an anonymous letter to the Tsar, warning of a rebellion by Khovansky (captain of the Streltsy Guards) and the Old Believers. Ivan Khovansky arrives and promises a crowd of people to defend the Tsar against treachery. Andrey Khovansky, Ivan’s son, chases in Emma, a German girl, but is fended off by Marfa, an Old Believer. Andrey threatens to kill Emma, but is prevented by the arrival of Dosifey, the leader of the Old Believers. Marfa leaves with Emma.

Act II

Summer Study of Prince Vasily Golitsyn. Marfa tells the prince’s fortune, saying that he will fall from power. After she leaves, Golitsyn orders his servants to kill her. Ivan Khovansky appears to complain that Golitsyn has interfered with the Boyars, but Dosifey enters and persuades the two to work together. Marfa, who has been saved by the Tsar’s guards, reappears, followed by Shaklovity, who tells the group that the Tsar has been warned of their opposition to him.


The Streltsi Quarter, South of the Moscow River.Marfa is overheard singing of her love by Susanna, a fellow Old Believer. Marfa admits to Dosifey that she loves Andrey Khovansky.

Act IV

Scene 1
A Richly Furnished Chamber in Ivan Khovansky’s Mansion. Khovansky is warned by a servant of Golitsyn that he is in danger, but Khovansky ignores the warning and watches his servant girls dance. Shaklovity enters and murders Khovansky.

Scene 2
Moscow. The Red Square before the Cathedral of Vasiliy the Blessed. Golitsyn is led into exile. Dosifey mourns the conspirators’ downfall. Marfa offers sanctuary to Andrey with the Old Believers. The Streltsy are led to their execution. Peter, through an agent, intervenes to pardon them (which is not in agreement with historical fact).

Act V

A Pine Forest. A Secluded Monastery. A Moonlit Night. Dosifey and his followers prepare to immolate themselves. As Dosifey, Marfa, Andrey and the Old Believers perish in the flames of a burning chapel, Peter’s soldiers arrive in a vain attempt to capture them.

Schedule for Modest Musorgsky "Khovanshchina" (folk musical drama in five acts, six scenes) 2022

"Khovanshchina" by M. Mussorgsky: "Execution"
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"Khovanshchina" by M. Mussorgsky: "Execution"

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