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Angelina Atlagich (Costume Designer)

In 1985 with the difference finished the department of the theatrical costume of the Belgrad institute of applied skills. Is at present the professor of the department of the producer skill of the institute of dramatic skills Chernogorii(spetsializatsiya - theatrical costume and make-up). It read the courses of lectures at the universities OF THE USA and Slovenia.
It participated in settings of more than 150 plays in the theaters of Serbia, Slovenia, Macedonia, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Greece and Russia.
Among the plays designed by it: "theatrical illusions" (Yugoslavian dramatic theater, Belgrade, Serbia, 1991), "house of Bernard Alba" according to the play Of f. g. Lorca (theater BITEF, Belgrade, Serbia, 1991), the "barrel of powder" (Yugoslavian dramatic theater, Belgrade, Serbia, y99shchg.), the mul‘timediynoye idea of "Tishin in the Balkans" (director t. pandur, composer g. bregovich, the salonikas, Greece, 1997), "sleep on the summer night" Of u. Shakespeare (Narodnyy theater, Belgrade, Serbia, 1997), the "misanthrope" Of zh. b. Moliere (Narodnyy theater, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2000), the "Don Quixote" on the novel Of m. Cervantes (Narodnyy theater, Maribor, Slovenia, 2001), "drakula" on the novel Of b. stoker (Narodnyy theater, Maribor, 2002), the "poisoned tunic" Of n. gumilev (Moscow theater the workshop of Peter fomenko, Moscow, 2002), the "fourth sister" of 4. glovatskiy (Natsional‘nyy theater, Athens, Greece, 2003), "cherry garden" Of a. Chekhov (Narodnyy theater, Belgrade, 2003 Vol.), "death of Danton" Of g. Buechner (theatrical experimental center in g. to udine, Italy, 2003), "as to you this will be pleased" U. Shakespeare (Natsional‘nyy theater, Ljubljana, 2003 g.), ­"Ad" on one of the parts "of godly comedy" Dante Allegri (Natsional‘nyy the center of drama, Madrid, Spain, 2005), "the king of lira" u. Shakespeare (Natsional‘nyy theater, Athens, Greece, 2005), "Alisa" b. srblyanovich on the motives of the fairy tale Of l. Carroll (project "Of interkul‘ta", Stockholm, Sweden, 2005), and also ballet "epos on Gil‘gameshe" in setting Of d. gadiskya and V. milchin (Narodnyy theater, To skop‘e, Macedonia, 1992 g.) and the opera "clever person" K. orf (Opernyy the theater Of "madlenianum", Belgrade, Serbia, 2000).

Four times in a row (with 1994- GO on 98-1 g.) the theatrical journal "scene" proclaimed its best artist on the suits. In 1995 by the Serbian journal "kvadart" it is acknowledged by the best theatrical artist of year. In 1996, 1998, 1999 and 2005 is honored by the highest theatrical reward to Serbia the "reward To sterii". In 2002 was obtained the reward "seagull", founded by channel TV‘, for the best theatrical costume "Pret-A- porter" (suits to the play of workshop Peter fomenko "poisoned tunic", Moscow). Furthermore, it appears obladatel‘nitsey reward for the best theatrical costume in Athens (play of national theater "fourth sister", 2003 g.); rewards at the festivals of Slovenia (2000 g.) and Macedonia (1998, 2000).
In the Bolshoi theater it made a debut as the artist on the suits on setting of opera "war and peace" in season 2005/06.

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