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Jose Karreras (Singer)

Singer, actor, Maecenas, the honorable doctor of different universities and academies and passionate football fan...

Jose karreras‘s concert will pass in tracking of stringed quartet "new Italian quartet" (today - one of the best stringed chamber quartets in the world) and undoubtedly will become sign event in the musical life of the capital by this autumn. Singer repeatedly appeared in Russia with the chief conductors and the orchestras, but this Karrerasa in Moscow yet they did not hear!

The performance of known arias in the completely new, chamber interpretation, deprived of enthusiasm and of naigrannosti, undoubtedly, will dip listener into the atmosphere of the refined salons of Victorian epoch... Let us add here repeated acknowledgements in the love for the Russian public of singer himself, and we will obtain the event, which is cannot propustit‘!

Its quarry it were developed with the giddy speed. Many mature operatic singers can only dream about the appearance into the la of Scala and the metro opera, but Jose karreras, being also entirely young executor, subjugated the public of these famous theaters by his unique timbre and by outstanding actor‘s talent. In the voice Of karrerasa it is sufficient and the passion also of academicism, thin lyric poetry and dramatic nature, in a word, singer possesses the complete set of the expressive means, for disclosing the interminable quantity of operatic means played by it during the prolonged career.

Ten it leaned, musical plays and musicals, from "Bohemia" and "melancholy" to the "West-Side history", played By karrerasom, they passed with an indispensable audience success and the enthusiastic opinions of criticism. The best conductors and producers, to this day, read a little for the honor to work with Karrerasom. Fruitful collaboration and friendship in the different time connected singer with Herbert von karayan, Ricardo sludge, Franco Dzefereli and with many other outstanding workers of the skill of the present.

For a long time Jose karreras was deprived of his dear matter - operatic singing because of the terrible disease - leukemia, but because of the force of will and the support of close people, he not only renewed career, but also itself, being the honorable member of the European society of leukemia, actively helps people to fight with this ailment.

To all amateurs of music is well known the unsurpassed combination of three tenors: To pavarotti - Karreras - Domingo. In a quantity of tours and appearances, both on the operatic areas and on the stadiums this famous trio beat all records of popularity and attendance. Millions of people because of the singers, if they did not fall in love with opera, then, at least they would open for itself this layer of world culture, with the age-old traditions.

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