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Valentin Zhuk (Conductor)

The performer skill of remarkable and many-sided musician, violinist- executor and conductor, one of the bright representatives of Russian violin school, they know and value in entire peace.

Valentina isaakovich zhuk it were borne in 1934 in the family of outstanding musician i.A.Zhuk, who many years was the first violinist of the orchestra of the Bolshoi theater and state orchestra OF THE USSR, and also the first violinist of the known quartet of the name of the Bolshoi theater. At the age of six years of Valentina zhuks it was accepted in the central musical school into remarkable teacher a.I.Yampol‘skiy‘s class, in xwho it continued to learn, also, in Moscow conservatory (1952-1957). It finished the graduate study of Valentina zhuks‘s conservatory under Leonid Kogan‘s management.

The first success arrived at the young violinist as early as the student years: in 1957 at the World Youth Festival and students in Warsaw it earned the title of laureate and the first reward. Valentina zhuk he is the laureate of the international competitions: the name Of p.I.Chaykovskogo (1958, the 6th reward), name Margaret Long and Jacques tibo (1961, 2-4 rewards), the name Of paganini in genoa (1963, 2-4 rewards).

Its concert activity began as early as the years of studies. Thousands of concerts were played since then, an enormous quantity of records is made.

By widely well-known in our country and abroad executor arrived V.Zhuk in 1970 into the orchestra of Moscow philharmonic society, in which it worked by first violinist up to 1989 (thus far, since 1969 it also worked as the second first violinist of the state symphonic orchestra OF THE USSR).

Active artistic activity as the first violinist rightfully gained to violinist reputation of one of the best orchestral musicians. All these years it was also the artistic leader of the ensemble of the soloists ACE MGAF, which actively gave concerts in 70-80- e years in Moscow and abroad. During the number of years the ensemble had its subscription in the concert hall of the name Of p.I.Chaykovskogo.

Managing extensive repertoire, V.Zhuk successfully came out as the soloing violinist. The listeners of many countries of Europe, Asia, America and Australia applauded to artist. Its interpretations always subjugated by artistic importance and perfection. The repertoire of executor covers works for the violin of different epochs and styles: music of ancient masters (Vival‘di, Le Clerc, Bakh); the concerts of Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Brahms, Mendel‘sona, Paganini, Shimanovskogo, Tschaikovsky, Prokofiev, Khachaturyana, Shebalina; the sonata of Beethoven, Izai, Prokofiev, Vaynberg, prelude of Shostakovic. With the special luster for violinist succeed the virtuoso plays Of paganini and Wieniawski, hays -Sansa and Bartok, Sarasate Gershwin

In 1975 to musician is awarded honorable title "deserved artist OF THE RSFSR", while into 1986 - "people artist OF THE RSFSR".

Since 1989 of Valentina zhuks it lives and works abroad, being the first violinist of the symphonic orchestra of Netherlands radio, by the professor of Amsterdam conservatory. Musician appears as soloist, chamber executor, conductor, yearly he gives concerts in Moscow and other cities of Russia. Regularly carries out master- classes in THE USA and the countries of Europe, have records on the CDS (them more than 20).

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