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Victoria Korcinska-Kogan (Piano soloist)

Victoria Korcinska- Kogan it were borne in 1978 in the family of musicians and is the continuer of rich traditions of one of the brightest musical families of Russia. Its grand-dad - violinist Leonid Kogan, grandmother - skripachka Elizabeth gilel‘s, uncle - violinist conductor Pavel Kogan, mom - pianist Nina kogan.

Victoria Korcinska4- Kogan it began its musical formation at the age of 5 years and, when 7 years were carried out by it, it entered into the central musical school with the Moscow conservatory. In 1995 immediately after completion of this educational institution it enters the Moscow conservatory, where is trained according to the class fortepiano in professor L.Vlasenko, after his death in professor s.Dorenskiy‘s class, and then P.Nersesyana.

For the first time young artiste appeared on stage at the age of 8 years, and her active concert activity began from 13 years. In 1991 Victoria Korcinska4- Kogan obtains the first reward at the international competition Of stravinskogo for the young musicians in THE USA. In 1992 it earns the fourth reward at THE I international competition of the name Of p.I.Chaykovskogo for the young musicians in Moscow. In 1998 the pianist becomes the degree student OF THE XI international competition im. P.I. Tschaikovsky. In 2002 by her prisuzhdena the second reward at the international competition e-piano (state of Minnesota, SSHA).

The concerts of young pianist are passed to many cities of the Russian Federation and abroad (Austria, Italy, Canada, etc.), where it comes out both with the solo concerts and with the the symphonic of orkestrami.

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