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Lubov Timofeeva (Piano soloist)

The happy combination, which determines the uniqueness of the talent of executor, is concluded in a precise feeling of whole and artistic vdokhnovennosti. This had in the form its teacher, professor ya.I.Zak, who said: "Pianizm Of l.Timofeyevoy - inspired, winged, artistically adjusted. It has sparkling pianizm, splendid rhythm, a sharp feeling of time, which makes possible for it to irreproachably manage the form of proizvedeniya".

Timofeev‘s love was borne in the Orenburg. Its musical fate began in Moscow from the central musical school, where the future pianist was occupied in teacher a.D.Artobolevskoy‘s most experienced. The talent of pianist was developed very intensively. For the first time before the public Of l.Timofeyeva it came out into 8 years, and into 14 years she became the student of Moscow conservatory (unique case in the fortepiannom department).

In 15 years to pianist they awarded the first reward at the international competition of young musicians "Concertino- Prague", and in 3 years it already came out with the solo concert in the large hall of Moscow conservatory. Late Timofeev‘s love earned third reward at the competition in Montreal and she became obladatel‘nitsey Boundary- with the competition of name Margaret Long and Jacques tibo into Parizhe.

After finishing Moscow conservatory and course of assistentury- practice period in Ya.I.Zaka, Timofeev‘s love began the active concert activity, which it combined with the teaching in the the Moscow of konservatorii.

Timofeev‘s love performed on tour in 40 countries of peace. The concerts of pianist passed to such halls as "Lincoln center" in New York, "hall Of pleyel‘" and "shanzelize" in Paris, theater "column" into Buenos-Ayrose, "zemper it leaned" in Dresden, etc. L.Timofeyeva came out with the most important orchestras of peace, among them: Leipzig "Gevandkhauz", Dresden Shtaatskapella, "Tokyo is philharmonic society" (Tokyo philharmonic), the orchestra of French radio, the orchestra of Czech philharmonic society and the deserved association of Petersburg philharmonic society. The partners of artiste were such conductors, as K.Zanderling, Kh.Blomshtedt, V.Noyman, K.Kondrashin, M.Yansons, Ye.Svetlanov and dr.

In the programs Of lyubovi Of timofeyevoy - music of different epochs and styles. Entirety and originality of the nature of pianist oshchushchayetsya in the interpretations of Russian classical and contemporary music - works Of glinki, Arenskogo, Rakhmaninoff, Prokofiev, лdrina. it recorded more than 40 disks. Among them are separated monographic cycles - all fortepiannye sonatas of Haydn and Mozart, all studies of Chopin, two concerts Of mendel‘sona.

In 1995 to pianist is awarded the title "people artiste of Russia". In 2004 it became the academician of the international academy of tvorchestva.

Since 1991 Of l.Timofeyeva the vein worked in Croatia, Japan and France. At this time it was the invited professor of university "ferris" in Yokohama (Japan). In 2000 the pianist returned to Russia. Now the love of Timofeev - soloist of Moscow state academic philharmonic society. At present it combines concert and theatrical activity with the work as the invited professor in the master- classes, conducted in Russia and abroad (especially frequently - in France), and by participation in the work of the judges of the international fortepiannykh competitions.

In 2005 the pianist observes anniversary - the 40- anniversary of creative activity. Holiday concert takes place on 10 November on the scene of concert hall the name Of p.I.Chaykovskogo. In it will take part the friends and associate lyubovi Timofeyevoy - chief Jeanne dozortseva and Moskovskiy symphonic orchestra under control of Vladimir zivy, the outstanding people prominent in cultural matters will arrive to congratulate pianist, the leaders of the choral and orchestral associations. In one evening in execution Of lyubovi Of timofeyevoy will sound three concert works - Rakhmaninoff, Albeniz and Vebera.

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