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Ivan Urbana (Dancer)

It were borne in Gomel (Belorussia). It graduated from the Belorussian choreographic school (Aleksandr kolyadenko‘s class) and the school of Hamburg ballet (teacher kevin Kheygen).
in 1992 his appearance was noted at the famous competition of the young artists of ballet the "prize Of lozanny" - it obtained the allowance of fund P‘erino Of ambrozoli, that allowed it to continue instruction into Gamburge.
since 1994 it comes out in the composition of Hamburg ballet. In 1998 it was elevated into the rank of premier.

For it by the leader of company Hamburg ballet John noymayer set the following parties:
tele-poppy ("the Odyssy" G. kurupos, 1995 g.)
sir Andrews ("Vival‘di, either anything" to A. vival‘di‘s music, on the motives of comedy "the twelfth night, or anything" U. Shakespeare, 1996 g.)
king koll /Fortinbras ("Hamlet to M. tippet‘s music, version 1997 g.)
eros ("Bernstein‘s dances" to the music Of l. Bernstein, 1998 g.)
Sergey dyagilev ("Nizhinskiy" to the music Of n. rimskogo-Korsakov -Korsakova and D. Shostakovic, 2000 g.)
Constantine gavrilovich Treplev ("seagull" to the music Of d. Shostakovic, 3. glenni, P. Tschaikovsky and A. skryabin, on the motives of the similar play Of a. Chekhov, 2002 g.)
and drugiye

Also in the repertoire of party in the ballets Of noymayera:
Daphnis ("Daphnis Khloya" M. ravelya)
the cavalier of de griye, graph n. ("lady with the camellias" to the music F. shopena)
prints ("the history of Cinderellas" to the music S. prokof‘eva)
Tezey (Oberon), Lizandr ("sleep on the summer night" to the music Of f. mendel‘sona-Bartol‘di and D. ligeti)
Katalabyut, the blue bird ("the latent beauty" P. Tschaikovsky)
Of drossel‘meyer, Gunter ("the nut cracker" Of p. chaykovskogo)
Romeo, Benvolio ("Romeos and Juliette" S. Prokofiev)
Hamlet ("Hamlet")
Aminta ("L. Delibes‘s Sil‘viya")
Mal‘volio ("Vival‘di, or anything")
King ("illusions - as" swan lake "to P. Tschaikovsky‘s music)
per gyunt ("per of gyunt "a. shnitke)
Merlin ("saga about king Artur "to the music of 4. sibelius, Kh. v.Khentses and S. mikus)
Gustav von ashenbakh ("death in Venice "to the music Of i. s.Bakh and R. Wagner, on the motives of the similar short story Of t. Mann)
the Odyssy ("Odissey")
and drugiye

Also into repertuare:
great bramin ("the bayadere" Of l. minkus, M. petip‘s choreography in the editorial staff Of n. makarovoy)
youth ("the ease of existence" to 4. sibelius‘s music, M. ek‘s choreography)
prince ("the latent beauty", choreography M. eka)
party in the ballets Of m. Fokin, J. balanchin, I. Kilian, N. duato

In the Bolshoi theater carried out the party Of lizandra on the premier of ballet "the sleep into summer noch‘".

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