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Show Cats from universe
Unique and World's Only Moscow CATS THEATRE

Schedule for Cats from universe 2022

Clown: Dmitri Kouklachev
Clown: Yuri Kuklachev


Moscow Cats Theatre is the only place on a planet where animals call not simply cats and dogs, and is proud call actors. They were given free rain as much as possible to show the creative abilities. As soon as on a scene the magic curtain fluffy actors with pleasure opens give to the audience a holiday. Today in the Crystal lock of a cat 200 cats of different breeds live and work.

Kind, but a proud cat and a cat from bronze meet you at an entrance. These are theater mascots, "inviting cats", attracting good luck, and at the same time magic cats – make wish and rub 3 times a nose of a lovely animal and the desire will surely be granted.

Cats here everywhere. Even door handles are made with images of cats. The marble floor on the first floor too is decorated with cat's images, and all cats different. Special pride of Theatre – crystal stained-glass windows at windows. The color scale of each of them is various, but below surely there are images of two big Egyptian cats which as if policemen faithfully and truly protect rest of the crystal lock. Unique works are performed by group of very talented people headed by Anatoly Kozhukhov, they developed a foyer and auditorium concept and embodied it in a stone, metal, glass and a tree.

Cats with curiosity watch visitors from numerous cloths of the art director of theater – Ekaterina Kuklacheva.


Debuts of fluffy actors began in the 90th years, then in this building the Theatre of cats opened. Since 2005 it became the State Theatre of Cats in Moscow and the only thing in the world.

At Theatre three collectives of a dynasty of Kuklachev work. The first collective Yury Kuklachev directs, the second - Dmitry Kuklachev and the third collective belongs to the ballet dancer Vladimir Kuklachev - it managed to connect the classical ballet and cats.

All collectives – different, at everyone the performances, one unites them only - cats. The theater goes on tour much, but thus one of collectives surely acts in Moscow.

In 2015 only in the world the Theatre of cats will celebrate the 25 anniversary. At Theatre of cats 200 fluffy actors of 38 breeds work. But the theater doesn't pursue the aim to show all breeds. The main thing - to open identity of an animal, his character, and at each cat it the. On a scene each kitty or a cat becomes the actress and the actor, carrying out this or that number.

At Theatre the set of the performances which chief authors are cats is created. To create performance with cats – business difficult. For example, the performance "My Favourite Cats" prepared 7 years. And the performance "Olympic Games of a Cat of Boris" - 2,5 years. Ideas for performances by Kuklachev give cats. The habits, behavior of a cat show, on what they are capable and prompt, what role can play. The well-known Kot Boris became the ideological inspirer of creation of the performance "Olympic Games of a Cat of Boris" and, certainly, the leading man in statement. It occurred after Boris's shootings in the commercial when he was recognized by all country. Kot Boris – the ordinary not purebred cat who has got to Theatre from a shelter. To it 200 cats participated in a casting, but the cat Boris won, having struck all the vigor and talent. Cat Boris performed all tasks from the first double. Now a cat Boris - a celebrity, and now many began to speak about a special cat breed – "a cat Boris".

Cat – an animal proud and independent. Cat it is impossible to force to execute this or that trick. In Moscow Cats Theatre there is no word "training". Theater of cats – the love and kindness territory. Only in such atmosphere with cats it is possible to agree about participation in a trick and to help them to realize itself as to actors. Kuklachev call themselves tutors of cats. "Cats are newcomers from space", - Yury Kuklachev considers.

"Cats - beings mystical", - Dmitry Kuklachev is sure. Uniqueness of the only thing in the world of Theatre of cats that with cats play on stage, they are the real actors, they always in the forefront, and actors are intermediaries between the audience and animals.

Schedule for Cats from universe 2022

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