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Ballet Show "Summer Seasons" by Russian National Ballet Theatre
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Roland Dyens (Guitarist)

Roland Dyens,
French composer guitarist, musical teacher.

He was borne in Tunisia on 19 October, 1955, to be occupied with guitar it began at the age 9 years. It learned in Paris in Spanish master Alberto ponse (Alberto Ponce). Possessor of the highest rewards of several prestige gitarnykh competitions. Many-sided musician. Besides the highest performer craftsmanship it possesses the still and bright composer talent. Among the already published by it works several works for the solo of guitar, on two for the quartets and the octets, the concert for the guitar and the stringed orchestra (Concerto Metis), concertino for the flute and the gitarnogo ensemble (Air Ascendant Terre), concert for the guitar and the ensemble of 21 guitar (Concerto en Si), and also gitarnyy duet, Cote Nord, played by it together with Alberto ponse in 1993, which is magnificently fulfilled by the duet Of assad, and others.

Roland Diyens is noted for also his gitarnymi arranzhirovkami. He is the author of the most popular composition "celestial" tango№ ("Tango En Skap"). It conducts active concert activity. Besides France, Roland Diyens completed several successful concert tour into the United States, to the Middle East, Indonesia, Scandinavia, Poland, Brazil... He also regularly comes out on the radio and participates in the television programs. Diyens was the member of the judges of the large number of international competitions.

In 1988 it entered into the number of all 100 best of the now living guitarists styles and directions. For several subsequent years the portrait Of diyensa appeared on the covers of all main gitarnykh periodicals of the peace: Les Cahiers De La guitare(Franqi4), Classical Guitar (Great Britain), Gitarre & Laute (Germany), Guit‘art (Italy) and Gitary Swiat (Poland). During June 2000 he became the professor of the guitar of Parisian national conservatory.

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