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Concert Dedication to Oleg Kagan.
Moscow State Conservatory (Grand Hall)

Schedule for Dedication to Oleg Kagan. 2022

Dedication to Oleg Kagan
In a new season the Moscow philarmonic society in 7-th time will lead international festival "DEDICATION TO OLEG KAGAN". Outstanding violoncellist, Natalia Gutman, widow Oleg, as always will collect friends, adherents and admirers of talent of the great actor. In it to year to Oleg Kaganu 60 years would be executed.

In concerts stars of a world scale will act - J.Bashmet, N.Gutman, V.Tretjakov, A.Ljubimov, V.Lobanov, E.Brunner (Germany) … will take part In chamber programs of festival the Trio of a name of Tchaikovsky (France-Israel) in structure of K.Bogino, P.Vernikov, A.Liberman. The unique project " At the rivers of Babylon … " will present ensemble Hortus musicus under control of A.Mustonena (Estonia) - ancient Israeli and Yemen church chanting, and also will sound spiritual European music from the Middle Ages up to now (L.Zenfl, H.Izaak, S.Rossi, G.Kancheli, A.Knajfel, V.Silvestrov).

Among premiere of festival we shall note A.Pjarta’s Lamentate composition for a piano and an orchestra; violon A.Djutije’s which is not sounded in Moscow more of 35 years the concert; a suite from orchestral fragments of an opera "Parsifal" Wagner, made by conductor V.Jurovskim.

Symphony concerts will pass with participation of leading Russian collectives: the State academic symphonic orchestra of Russia of name E.F.Svetlanov‘s under control of M.Gorenshtejn and E.Klasa (Estonia), the State symphonic orchestra "New Russia" and Chamber ensemble "Soloists of Moscow" under control of J.Bashmeta.

At festival also will sound Mozart, Haydn, Brams’s product, Tchaikovsky, Debussy, Ravel, Poulenc, Britten, Messian (its well-known "the Quartet on the end of time").

Schedule for Dedication to Oleg Kagan. 2022

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