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Classical Ballet Maryinsky Theatre presents: "Glass Heart" (ballet in two acts) to music by Alexander von Zemlinsky
World famous Bolshoi Ballet and Opera theatre (established 1776) - Small Stage

Schedule for Maryinsky Theatre presents: "Glass Heart" (ballet in two acts) to music by Alexander von Zemlinsky 2022

Composer: Alexander von Zemlinsky

Orchestra: Bolshoi Theatre Symphony Orchestra

ballet in two acts
Music: Alexander von Zemlinsky
Choreography: Kirill Simonov (2008)
Set Designer: Emil Kapelyush
Costume Designer: Stefanija von Grawrock
Lighting Designer: Ryan Schmidt


ACT I. Alexander`s Dream

Scene 1
Austria, the turn of the century. A room in Gustav?s castle
Alma, Gustav and Alexander are on the stage. Alma, used to controlling men, draws Alexander into her web of charm, while cunningly managing to retain her status as Gustav?s wife. The Gardener and his wife appear. Their emotions are utterly unlike those of the Gustav-Alma-Alexander love triangle.

Scene 2
The park. A hunting picnic
Gustav and Alma are newlyweds. Alma performs a sensual, languorous dance that hypnotises her audience in a state of timeless estrangement and lust.
Alma`s enchanted admirer Alexander joins her in her magical dance. It emerges that not only did the love triangle not disappear after Alma and Gustav?s marriage – it has become fatally intense.

Scene 3
Gustav`s castle
Alexander appears in Alma?s room. Alma seduces Alexander before Gustav who unexpectedly appears. Gustav points a pistol at the back of Alexander?s head, but then demonstratively places it in Alexander?s hand. In shock, Alexander shoots at Gustav, but hits Alma. Gustav takes the pistol from Alexander and hands it to Alma, imitating her suicide, and sends the stunned Alexander packing. However, Alma is alive. The entire scene was staged to make Alexander feel guilt and despair.

ACT II. Alexander`s Second Dream

Scene 1
Paradise. A plotless dance divertissement, where the Heroine appears before Alexander as a Rose come to life, surrounded by flowers.

Scene 2
Alma`s room
Alexander returns to a reality which is no less fantastical than his dream. His life is controlled by the famous Alma Puppe created and adored by the great Oskar Kokoschka, with which its is both impossible to be together and impossible to abandon. Alexander drops down senseless.

Schedule for Maryinsky Theatre presents: "Glass Heart" (ballet in two acts) to music by Alexander von Zemlinsky 2022

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