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Maria Danilova (Costume Designer)

In 1983 finished the theater-set department of the Moscow state academic artistic school of the memory of 1905, while in 1990. - the Moscow state artistic institute of the name Of v. i.Surikov (M. kurilkos workshop), after obtaining for the diploma work (formulation and suits to the play "king of the lira" U. Shakespeare) gold medal of the academy of fine arts.

Participated in the creation of plays "sovereign you our, father" F. gorenshteyn in the state academic theater of the name of Vakhtangovs Yevg., the "masquerade" Of m. lermontov and of "Syrano de Bergerac" 3. rostan into MKhATe of the name Of a. p.Chekhov, "posledniye" M. of Gorkiy in the Moscow of theater studio under O. Tabakovs management, The "velikolepnyy cuckold" Of f. krommelink in the theater "Satyricon" of the name Of a. raykin, of "Barbaras and heretic", the "chute Of balakirev" in the theater "Lenkom", "bat" in the Moscow academic muzykalnom theater the name Of k. s.Stanislavskiy and vl. i.Nemirovicha-Danchenko, "traviata" G. Verdi, the "rural honor" Of r. leonkavallo and "clowns" R. leonkavallo in the Moscow theater "new opera", "northeast" Of g. Vasilyev and A. ivashchenko, the "Queen of Spades" Of p. Tschaikovsky in the Prague national opera, the "forest" Of a. Ostrovskiy in the Parisian theater Of "komedi Of fransez".

Mary Danilov - laureate of the State Prize to Russia and the reward of Stanislavski1 (1997, play the "Barbaras heretic"). In the Bolshoi theater as the artist on the suits in 2000 it participated in the world premier of the first editorial staff of the opera "player" Of s. Prokofiev, while in 2002. - in setting Of n. rimskogo-Korsakovs -Korsakova opera "snow maiden".

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