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08 June 2017 (Thu), 19:00 Brilliant Classical Stanislavsky Ballet and Opera theatre (established 1887, founded by Stanislavsky) - Opera Anton Rubinstein "Demon" (opera in 3 acts)

Running time: 2 hours 30 minutes (till 21:30)

The performance has 1 intermission

Schedule for Anton Rubinstein "Demon" (opera in 3 acts) 2018

Light Designer: Damir Ismagilov
Costume Designer: Galina Solovieva
Composer: Anton Rubinstein
Music Director: Wolf Gorelik

Orchestra: Stanislavsky theatre symphony orchestra
Opera company: Stanislavsky opera

Opera in 3 act

Performed in Russian, with syncronized English supertitles

Premiere of this production: 11 June 2008, Stanislavsky Ballet and Opera theatre, Moscow

Composer Anton Rubinstein
Libretto by Pavel Viskovatov
Musical Director and Conductor Wolf Gorelik
Stage Director Gennady Trostyanetsky
Choreography Sergey Gritsay
Set Design Semyon Pastukh
Costume Design Galina Solovyova
Principal Chorus Master Stanislav Lykov
Lighting Damir Ismagilov

“White angels, black demons, levitating moon and a huge bird louring over the stage – colours and effects have been chosen with deliberation and lavishness. The phantasmagoric atmosphere of the show adds pleasant nostalgic hews to the tragic passions of the opera. Thanks to Volf Gorelik’s neat guidance, excellent orchestra, harmonious ensemble work and singers, of course, the musicality of the performance is at its best".
Alyona Danilova, “Novye Izvestiya”


The setting of the Demon is somewhere between heaven, hell and earth – just as the demon himself is a fallen angel, an inwardly torn character, a negating power and adversary of the angel at the same time. Unable to love and still be humble, he falls in love with Tamara, who is about to marry Prince Gudal’s son, and kills the bridegroom. The bride escapes to a convent and is visited by the demon, who promises to renounce evil and pictures their future as eternity and boundless power. Tamara, yielding to temptation, is killed when he kisses her. In the struggle for her soul, the angel keeps the upper hand, for "he who loves belongs to paradise". For the demon, nothing has really changed: he carries on living in eternal damnation and loses his hope in the shape of Tamara, with whom he shared his solitude, his longing for love, his thirst for knowledge and the sadness resulting from it all.

ACT I. Storm in a wild country. The angel tells the demon that he may gain heaven through love, but is answered with derision. The supernatural powers disappear and the storm ends. Tamara appears with her maidens; to her alone is the demon visible, who plants restless thoughts in her brain.

Change of scene: Mountains. The Prince of Sinodal is on the way to his bride Tamara. As he sleeps, Tartars persuaded by the demon fall upon and kill the prince.

ACT II. Hall of the palace of Gudal. The marriage feast is prepared, when the sad news of the death of the prince is brought. The demon again tries to ensnare Tamara, but she demands to be allowed to enter a convent. The old Prince Gudal resolves to take vengeance for the murder of the prince.

ACT III. The convent. Again the demon approaches his victim, but is driven away by the angel.

Change of scene: The convent cell of Tamara. The demon again appears, asking for her love, and Tamara can no longer withstand him. As she receives his kiss, she sinks dying to the ground. The demon believes he has triumphed, but is driven to flight by the angels, who carry Tamara to heaven.


Schedule for Anton Rubinstein "Demon" (opera in 3 acts) 2018

"Demon" (opera in 3 acts)
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The Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko Music Theatre
"Demon" (opera in 3 acts)

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