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Roberto Ritstsi Brinoli (Conductor)

It finished The milanskuyu conservatory of the name of G. Verdi in three specialties: fortepiano, composition and conducting. Began its career as the assistant of conductor, it worked including in the theater la of skala.
it was also by the assistant of chief conductor festival two world into Spoleto ("Festival dei due Mondi di Spoleto") and the chief conductor of the milanskogo orchestra RAI.
in 1995 in Bergamo at the festival, dedicated to 150- anniversary from the day of Johannes Simon Mayers death, conducted by his farces in the theater Gaetano Of donitsetti.
then it appeared with the Tokyo opera Fujiwara - it conducted by opera "Italian in the east" Of b. Galuppi. It is at present claimed both in Italy and beyond its limits. It conducts in essence by the operas of Italian composers, first of all - J. verdi.
since 1999 on 2002 was the controlling orchestra of the theater la of skala.


The la of skala
"Lucretia bordzhi" Of g. Donizetti (1997/98 sezon)
"adriyenna Of f. chiles Lekuvrer" (1999/2000)
the "amorous beverage" Of g. Donizetti (2001)
"Othello" G. Verdi (2001)
renewed "Othello", "traviata" and "Rigoletto" of G. Verdi (2002)
"two Foskari" G. Verdi (2004)

the theater of Verdi in Trieste (Italy)
the "wedding Of v. a.Motsarts bolero" (1999/2000)

Roman opera
"sleep on the summer night" Of b. Britten (1998/99)

the operatic festival of Rossini into Pezaro (Italy)
"Macbeth" G. Verdi (with the orchestra of lion opera, 2000)
the farces of J. pachini and S. pavezi (2001)

theater To komunale (Florence)
"Bohemia" of J. puchchini (2001)

Frankfort opera
the "rural honor" Of p. maskani, "clowns" R. leonkavallo (2001)

the opera Of macheraty (Italy)
"Macbeth" J. verdi
"standard" V. bellini

Opera of Bilbao (Spain)
the "wedding of bolero" (2002)
"manon of fishing lines" of J. puchchini (2003)
the "finders of the pearls" Of zh. Bizet (2004)

theater la to feniche (Venice)
the "silk stairs" of J. Rossini (2002)
"amorous beverage" (2004)

German opera (Berlin)
"traviata" (2002)
"Ball- masquerade" G. Verdi (2003)

theater Porta Felice (Genuya)
"amorous napitok"

theater is real into Madride
"favorite" Of g. Donizetti (2004 g.)

Municipal theater of Santiago (Chile)
"Cinderella" of J. Rossini

National opera of Toulouse (Frantsiya)
Of "lyuchiya of di Lammermur" Of g. Donizetti (2004 g.)

It came out with the concerts - he conducted by the orchestras of arena di Verona, Roman opera, the Genoa theater of Porta Felice, by the Parma orchestra Artur Toskanini, by the orchestra of milanskikh "musical evenings", by the chamber composition of the orchestra la of Scala, by the symphonic orchestra Of bergamo.

In season 1998/99 conducted in the theater of piccolos by di Milan ballet plays from the repertoire of the Theatre la Scala - By v. riyetis ballets "sleep-walker" and "furious on the island San -Domingo" of J. gavadzeni. In season 1999/2000 by two additional ballets - "serenade" to the music Of p. Tschaikovsky and "sheri" to the music F. pulenka.

During January 2004 in By mayyami by opera "standard" it made a debut in SSHA.

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